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Default Re: [SU/DS]Kingdom Hearts: The Other Nobodies(REVIVED!)[SU/DS]

'Niisama would be correct, Nobodies tend to act on their memories of emotions and personalities. That aside, there are cases where Nobodies may seem to have emotions left that they shouldn't have--Axel makes a great example here. He tends to have more of a cheery, joking personality, which fans have seen on his original, Lea, in BBS, though there are a certain few cutscenes in Days where he acts outright ticked off, and in KH2, he seems flat out desperate to get Roxas back. I would advise looking up cutscenes of different members from KH2 to get a feel for the idea.

Also, I believe Man--ahem, Xemnas, controls darkness, though all Nobodies seem to have some minor control over it as they can create dark corridors to get them where they want to go, and Roxas is said to control light.

And you're reserved, 'Niisama.

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