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Default Re: Worst Collector Ever :curios, bazzar, emporium, Dream World etc:

i'll trade shiny for shiny. i'll trade you a shiny Mewtwo from SS.

im updating my newest batch of Gen V events.

other Gen V events i dont yet have
*DW Lucario (hidden ability)*
*V-Create Raquaza Lv 100*
*DW Altaria Lv 35*
*DW Porygon Lv 10*
*any of the 6 shiny dragons
*WORLD11 Moxie scrafty Lv 50*
*TRU Zoroark Lv 50*
*PC Shaymin Lv 50*
*PC Snivy Lv 5 must be in cherish ball*
*Singing pichachu (f) Lv 30 must have light ball*
*TRU Darkrai Lv 50 cherish ball*

for trade
Mewtwo Timid x2
movie Reshiram Modest
movie Zekrom Adamant
DW Chimchar-IronFist
DW Treecko Adamant-Unburden
Global Link Arcues -x2 Bold/Modest


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