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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
How the hell did Unleashed get a worse score than a game that undoes itself? Seriously, the one game I will never play in any way shape or form was 2006. I only read about it. That, and since it effectively didn't happen, I don't consider Blaze/Silver being from the future as canon.

Topic question: No, but we need more games like Generations. There IS a reason why they're making a Sonic 4. Although I won't buy it until they make a compilation. People want more platformer, and games that don't take 2 hours to beat. I personally enjoyed Unleashed and Rings too. Not as much as Adventure/2 and Heroes, which both helped me create my OC, but really they weren't bad. Rings just had a much different control scheme. If they had remade that game as either a platformer or a "modern style" it would have been less of a "suffer through for story" for me. I liked the story, didn't like the gameplay.

What I dislike the most is that ALL games after Sonic 3 + Knuckles have this "achievement" system, artificially bloating the time spent on it. What if I just wanna play the story? Yes, story. I'm a fan of story, and I personally think none of the modern style games have had a poor story.
Blaze is actually from the future if you played Sonic Rush and Rushed Adventure although I don't know about Sliver!!

Although Modern Sonic games of today lack things that the Classic ones had one they do have is character development in my childhood I remember hating playing the original Sonic games if I couldn't play as other characters than Sonic because then it was just basically following a Mario format which bored me at times. I feel with all the diversity that Sonic characters have you think games the non-Adventure games would include them besides just the main ones! Shadow the Hedgehog was my favorite GC Sonic though I stupidly sold the game when I heard what people were saying about it without playing it for myself first!