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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

@Grassy: I meant "concensus" as in what everyone views the game as. By the way, that rating proves that IGN is just...not very knowledgeable. I played Sonic '06 once, basically:

-The scripted scenes kill themselves all the time.
-You can stand on a box, sweep kick, and the box goes up. This can be repeated unlimited times to effectively "fly out" of Sonic's Hub stage.
-You can get easily stuck on the snowboard levels, so much so that it becomes frustrating.
-Sonic V Silver. The most retarded boss fight ever.
-It's so rushed and has so many bugs that it's basically unplayable.

Versus Sonic Unleashed:
-Scripted scenes work if you don't screw them up.
-There are no bugs that constantly happen over and over again.
-The day stages were actually quite fun and people said that's why the game was good.
-The night stages that everyone said were bad, weren't in fact bad, just a bit slower and more platform-based than the day stages. And featured combat, like Knuckle's story in Adventure.

@Kenny: Yes, but they actually hit the nail straight on the head with Shadow. The gameplay felt like Adventure/2 and the gus were actually pretty cool IMO. The sword stuff was a bit odd, but it was still fun. Yes, fun. In the mess of all this talk about story and graphics and such, are the games still fun? And really, I think they could have transitioned him better, but I love my Adventure as it is XD

@Bronislav: Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I think the companies do one of two things; create a good, solid game where the action is constant and exciting, or prolong the game with achievements or some amazing "final" item.

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