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Default Re: Television shows that you would like to see revived

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
SonicX. Improve the animation, get in SEGA's actors (this'll let some get in much needed practice, like Kirk for Shadow)...And allow it to get as dark as it needs to get. The third season was pretty good. I saw it like, two years ago. I was freaking 17 or so. He he.

I'd also like to see Moonlight return. 1 season for such a great show...It sucks. The show was great - vampire before Twilight. No sparkling! One vampire teen got BEHEADED by a ROLLER COASTER. I mean, COME ON. That's awesome.
Didn't they just run out of content for SonicX? Metarex was already a completely made up season. Unlike Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 which seasons 1 and 2 are based on, the rest of the Sonic games afterward would have been hard to relate back. Besides SonicX already heavily deviated from the two Adventure games as it is.
Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Kirby. I miss that show...
I've actually seen the rerun on CW almost all the way through. There just wasn't moe to it. No new seasons, but agreed.
Originally Posted by PikaChew View Post
Pecola, I have not heard that name in a while. Looks simple but is quite watchable.

Mew Mew Power

If there was ever a show to put furries into a favorable light than this would be it. Altough I must admit that I do not really remember much about the plot..
To all you dissing this, I did not see any huge problem with it. Maybe because I didn't see TMM which it's a dub of, but it just seemed to get pulled for no apparent reason.
Originally Posted by Megiddo Flame View Post
Dinosaur King: The one anime 4Kids had that they DiD NOT F*** up!
Didn't DK just end? Second season has everything resolved. Seems like there's nothing to go on for more.
Originally Posted by UltimateBrawl View Post
Overkill. I'm Christian, and I LOVED THAT SHOW. Dark? Yes. Immoral? ZIM'S AN ALIEN BENT ON DESTROYING US ALL. It's not like they made him look like the good guy.

This is off topic, but is there a topic to discuss games you'd like to see made into TV shows?
I for one am glad they killed Zim. Don't hate me, please. That show was DISTURBING. I liked the parts about Zim himself and his wacky ways at trying to take over the world, but there were some absolutely useless episodes (Like Pig Girl Gaz) that were just filler and pointless. And was I the only one disturbed by the Lice, Meat, Dib robot, and countless other episodes where stuff just happened that was too bizarre? Probably just me, but a lot of the stuff was just disturbing. A lot of the episodes also just didn't seem to flow. Like if Dib was stuck in a cage for months that he grew a beard while the bot took over his life, how was he fine in the next episode? Stuff like this.

Ok, now my stuff!

Teen Titans (the "anime" television show)

It just seemed to abruptly end, and last season was very bizarre. Almost as bad as some Zim episodes. They come back in the last episode, and they're STILL fighting crime in Jump City, nothing is resolved, and all it does is raise more questions. If anything, the episode before that was a better ending. Things Change just raised a ton of questions and basically created a cliffhanger. I would have liked to have a formal resolution of where each character went, and how long the team stayed together.


Yes, yes, there were a LOT of complications with this show that WB didn't want to show to little kids. I had this explaiend to me. I honestly don't care. Without going into spoilers, unless the two people in question were shown in "positions" I would not have cared what was going on with them. I wanted to see the story anyway.
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