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Default Re: Are Sonic's best days gone?

Yes and no.

I love the new games, but...I feel there is something missing. I'm not one of those fans who are unable to be pleased, but...The shortness of the games really kills me, and the somewhat stiff controls.

In short, I long for the Adventure days again...But I enjoy the games as they are.

Sonic Generations was a great game, but I was disappointed by it. Too short, many missed opportunities, and the overall lack of humor that had been in the previous few games...Oh, and the two hour long story game play.

Black Knight was, for some reason, a lot of fun for me to play. Not sure why. I loved the story and the gameplay. So in short, almost every other game I have "liked", not loved like Sonic Adventure 2, Black Knight, and Shadow the Hedgehog (LE GASP! She liked this game?!).

But I have to agree with pe2k Voices. At the same time though, the messed up fanbase which can never be pleased also is strangling to the series to death. SEGA gets credit for trying new formulas, unlike a certain plumber...