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Default Re: [SU]The Dinnu Region[SU]

The Dinnu Region Map:

(If the image can't be seen then click on the link to my DA page to see it: )

Dinnu Region Guide

Dinnu Island

Trinity Town- A beach town that is where are a lot of tourists and vactioners gather. This is also where those who arrive by boat will arrive since the harbor is here. The Beach Shack is located in the town, here you can get a nice bite to eat.

Chillshore Town- A beach town like Trinity Town. Chillshore Town is where Professor Venus does her research work. This is where new trainers receive their first Pokemon. They have a choice between all the starters of all the other regions. The beach area of which Chillshore is located in is much cooler than normal beaches, this makes it easy to find a more variety of Pokemon in this area.

Ishuran City- A simple town where the gym leader, Nelly is located. She uses normal type Pokemon. Nelly's Team: Jigglypuff, Chansey, Clefable. The Regular Badge is the badge Nelly gives you after winning a gym challenge.

Dynamo Town- A town full of commotion and people. This is where the Nova Contest Hall is located, where the biggest contests are held besides the Grand Festival. The Dinnu TV network is also located here. Here you can also take the Underground Subway that leads from here to Gastral Town.

Vertenerph Town- This is a town where the Poke Dome is located. Here is where trainers can come and take a tournament challenge. It is also the town where gym leader, Naturan is located. He uses grass type Pokemon. Naturan's Team: Whimsicott, Vileplume, Grotle. The Oak Badge is the badge you get after beating Naturan. Vertenerph is in the area of a green valley, making abundant with grass-type Pokemon.

Draydun Town- This is a town in the middle of the dry desert, but luckily it is right next to an oasis. This oasis is where you can find any berry your heart desires. Rare Pokemon can be found at the oasis as well. The water the oasis has is said to have magical healing properties. Draydund Town is also where Gym Leader, Shandy is located. She uses ground types. Shandy's Team: Flygon, Piloswine, Quagsire. The Sand Badge is the badge you get from Shandy's gym.

Jinjray City- This is where the Stratos Stadium is at, The biggest Pokemon tournaments are held here. Sometimes famous trainers come here to battle or observe. There is also a store that sells various TMs here.

Duron Town- this town is located south of a dormant volacno. The gym leader Sinj is located here. He uses fire type pokemon. Sinj's Team: Charmeleon, Magmar, Monferno The Blaze Badge is what you get for winning at Sinj's gym. The volcano has been dormant for years and is open for exploration. You can find many fire type Pokemon near the volcano. A dojo is located at the base of the mountain where trainers can go train.

Rind Town- a regular town like all others. Here is where gym leader Fethora is located. She uses flying type Pokemon. The Jetwind Airport is located here as well. It has airplanes that go from and to other regions. Fethora's Team: Staraptor, Pidgeotto, Noctowl. The Wing Badge is the prize for winning at Fethora's Gym.

Kyro City- a small town compared to most others but the big mall for shopping is here. You can buy anything your heart desires here. And in the Super Poke Mall there is one store that sells the best Pokemon Food.

Lezion Town- here is where the Pokemon Academy is. A top notch place for young students come to learn and prepare for their trainer years. It's a big and very official looking place, it's also a very expensive school to attend though.

Gastral Town- This is where gym leader, Kotomi is located. She uses ghost type Pokemon. The Name Rater is also located here. Kotomi's Team: Frosslass, Gengar, Chandelure The Spirit Badge. You can find the fortune teller here as well and a lot of old trainers live here peacefully.

Shortrop Village- a small and simple village where all the move tutors all located. There is the Feeling Checker who can see the closeness between you and your Pokemon. This village was the first settlement of all of Dinnu.

Tempeet Island

Rydin City- A city on Tempeet Island. It is a cold and snowy place like the rest of Tempeet but the Fabulous Poke Spa is here. You can relax along side all of your Pokemon.

Suage Town- A medium sized town where they hold all types of music concerts. This is the place for all music lovers. You can't forget to visit the All-Star Cafe, the best food place in all of Dinnu.

Koronah Town- this where gym leader, Cyan is located. She uses ice type Pokemon. The elegant Sharin Museum is located here as well with all sorts of artifacts that can suit the intellectually curious. Cyan's Team: Glaceon, Mamoswine, Jynx. The Frostbite Badge is what you get if you win against Cyan.

Etoile Island

Mythox Village- here is a small village where a variety of wild Pokemon can be found here that aren't found anywhere else. The Pokemon Cemetery is located far west from here.

Grandia Falls- one of the most beautiful places of all Dinnu. The Grand Festival is held here in the Startstruck Stadium. The dragon master lives east of the Falls.

Granderbe Island

Pasregard Town- this is where the final gym leader is located, Twint. He uses dark type Pokemon in his battles. Twint's Team: Umbreon, Zoroark, Liepard. The Shade Badge. This is also where the Supreme Temple is located, a shrine to all the legendary Pokemon of the Pokemon world is within the temple.

Novunaisse Town- this is where the Grand Daycare Center is located. A giant facility where many Pokemon are raised. It's a huge facility with many workers always around the place. It's the best Daycare Center in the whole Pokemon world.

Etile Island

Challenger Mountain- this is where victory road is located and where the Elite Four are at the peak of this large mountain. This is the final challenge for all trainers of Dinnu. You can find many Dragon type Pokemon on the mountain.

Molly (Elite): Gyrados, Lapras, Samurott, Empoleon, Dewgong

Theodore (Elite): Steelix, Scizor, Metagross, Mawile, Bisharp,

Chanelle (Elite): Gardevoir, Gothitelle, Alakazam, Espeon, Reuniclus,

Thomas (Elite): Raichu, Pachirisu, Emolga, Manectric, Jolteon,

Ariella (Champion): Dragonite, Electivire, Flareon, Toxicroak, Torterra, Emboar

(I may update the Dinnu Guide every once in a while so be sure to skim through it for changes every once in a while
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