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Default Are Sonic's best days gone?

I think not.

And you know why? Because:

1. The games are still fun! If you think of them like I do. Most people(as in the die-hard fans) will tell you that Sonic sucks now, but I think Generations told us something. Modern and Classic are two different entities, and should be considered different. Sure, there isn't much platforming in newer Sonic games, but these are modern games! Maybe Sonic has just evolved into something more than just a platformer, even if those days were amazing all the same. Again, I think Generations did a great job in showcasing both of these "eras" if you will, the speedy, 3D Sonic the newcomers know, and the calmer, 2D platforming Sonic us old players know and love.

2. "All new Sonic games have some stupid gimmick! THEY ALL SUCK!" Is a blatant lie. If people took the game the way they should, as a game, and not a continuation of a series/sequel, they would enjoy the game a lot more. I loved Sonic Unleashed. Yeah, sure, it had it's quirks. I loved the Day stages, and I liked the Night stages too. If people looked at the game as a game instead of what they want it to be, they would love it.

3. People are too hasty. Just because there hasn't been a game that was exactly what they wanted, that definitely does not mean that he hasn't had good games. Okay, so Sonic and the Secret Rings sucked. Okay, so Sonic and the Black Knight was meh and short. They're just experimenting to see what the fans want. I personally want a Sonic Adventure 3, haha! but hey, I'll gladly take another Sonic Colors or Unleashed.

Maybe it's because I can look at my taskbar and see that it's 2:47 AM, but I really just wanted to know what you think. So please, feel free to vote and put your two cents in the form of a quick post in here.

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