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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

I'm Agnostic. I do not really care if there is a deity and do not care to hear about general Atheist claims, even if Agnosticism is considered Atheism. No one can actually prove there is a god or no god because it is out of our own experiences. Every religion, deity or non-deity, has it's faults and none are actually right, no one can prove that a so-called God created Earth (even if it is out of any normal possibilities that one thing can clap their hands together and make a planet), but no one can actually say how Earth was created because no one was there.

Some very religious people will bash those that are Agnostic or other similar beliefs, as in 2 days ago, a fellow student said I would go to Hell because I don't believe in God. I said there and was thinking, "WTF?" the entire time. Who's to say that it does or doesn't exist. I mean, I personally believe that it probably doesn't exist. There is a fault in any and every religion on Earth as of now.