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Default Re: Worst Collector Ever :curios, bazzar, emporium, Dream World etc:

Originally Posted by 2mikedales View Post
I'm interested in a few pokemon to help complete my dex such as a mew (modest FAL2010 if I picked one), a deoxys, a shaymin, and an arceus.

New to trading so I don't know values of pokemon very well but I have events like
- VGC10 Shiny Eevee untouched, hardy
-WISHMKR Jirachi lvl 100, jolly
-WIN2011 Celebi untouched, serious

and others like
-shiny regirock, lvl 100 flawless, quirky
-shiny forretress, lvl 100, impish

I hope this isn't an issue but I don't have black/white so I would have to trade with my Platinum game.

your shiny forretrees what moveset and IVs- I'd be more inclined to use it for competitive battling. and for it I can trade a shiny from my Gen IV from the list.

ALSO I'll update as soon as i get the 2nd of two Arceus from the Global Link I seek to trade for other Gen V events I dont have...

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