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Default Re: Valentine's Day Event

(Hey, someone should roll for me!)

Sabi: Congratulations! We've found an excellent match for your Tyranitar. It seems that this Lapras's soothing personality makes him a very fitting combination for a Tyranitar's temper. Take good care of him!

[?] Lapras (M)
Ability: Water Absorb
Signature Move: None

Dino: Well, it seems that your Aggron finds turtles attractive. Go figure! Either way, this little girl seems to provide a measure of calm mellowness to Aggron's natural ferocity. Make sure the two of them don't play too roughly, now!

[?] Turtwig (F)
Ablity: Overgrow
Signature Move: None

Foxamivalth: Ah, young love! Little Happiny was a bit of a challenge for the machmaker, but at last we found a suitable match that she could grow with: a spunky little Togepi! The two of them are very happy together already!

[?] Togepi (M)
Ability: Serene Grace
Signature Move: None

benmac: I herd your Cranidos was looking for love? Well, he's found it in the form of a lovely little Mudkip. This beautiful girl will make an excellent playmate for Cranidos, provided the latter doesn't play too roughly of course!

[?] Mudkip (F)
Ability: Torrent
Signature Move: None

haybalebarn: I'm not sure if this Buizel came to like Clamperl because it was in love or hungry, but whatever the original motivation the two are now madly in love. Just remember - Buizels do have a tendency to eat mollusks, so be careful!

[?] Buizel (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Signature Move: None

Temporal Diamond: It seems Evan prefers the artsy types. A lovely Smeargle partner has been found for him! The two of them are very happy together - just make sure Smeargle's careful around furniture; Smeargle-paint stains are hard to get out.

narphoenix: It seems that Lartvesta has found love, in purple bat form! Gligar has taken quite a shining to him, and they won't leave each other's sides. Once they're fully evolved, these two will make quite the battling duo!

[?] Gligar (F)
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Signature Move: None

5TailedDemonLizard: Karell has found her one true love: a handsome Tropius! This boy will not only give Karell love and devotion, he'll also be a devoted battler for you! Have fun with your new flying fruit tree!

[?] Tropius (M)
Ability: Chlorophyll
Signature Move: None

Mawile-Danmaku: It seems Nip's got a face only a Dwebble could love. This little girl has a big heart that looks past outward scariness and straight to the inside. Nip and this little crustacean are sure to be the most devoted of partners!

[?] Dwebble (F)
Ability: Sturdy
Signature Move: None

KantoBreeder: Well, this is the oddest match I've ever seen - and yet, Aule is perfectly happy with his Drowzee girlfriend. The Psychic-and-Fighting types are very much in love, and I suppose that matters more than the oddness of the pairing!

[?] Drowzee (F)
Ability: Insomia
Signature Move: None

Tsuna: And now for another odd pairing: ice cream plus bonsai tree. Vanilluxe and Sudowoodo are very playful and happy together, very cute. Be careful that Vanilluxe's ice attacks don't hurt his new partner!

[?] Sudowoodo (F)
Ability: Rock Head
Signature Move: None
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