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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender town city hall, Southeast corner of town, (bathrooms)

This all was pretty disturbing. Topaz was not much of a conspiracy theory expert but it is starting to look like someone was trying to put an end to the zombie zoo. But for what purpose? He wonders. Growlithe begins growling as a bathroom door is broken down from the outside!

A Scraggy enters and yells something in pokemon language! "Darn it! The zombies have gotten all the way to city hall too?! We have no choice but to fight our way out of this Macguyver!" Growlithe barks that he is ready for battle! But the Scraggy is too quick and grabs Topaz's backpack before running off!

"Whew, I guess that zombie did not want to fight. Good thing I have a spare backpack inside of this pokeball." Topaz releases a fresh black backpack out of the ball and slips it on. After getting some water they would need to go back to the other room and alert Jhonny Bravo to the new danger..
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