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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

As Vex sat up dazed and confused from the wreckage.He finally realized he was enclosed inside the ship "Oh of all places I could have been like sneaking onto the royal unova not getting crashed in the middle of nowhere."Vex said perpetually dazed and confused He got up and looked around only to see stained brown metal squashed with oran berries.
Vex hit the wall with a brick break and it made a dent the size of a rocky helmet then as he powered up he hit it with a powerful headbutt and with a big clank it fell he walked out and met a weird klink another import It looked with with glowing yellow eyes and it moved slowly towards scraggy.
Vex knew when it growled something was wrong and he hit with a hige dark pulse.The Klink hit the ground soon everything was dark oh thats right his hat he picked up his hat that was covering his eyes and went off.
He came face to face with a back door with no doorknob only a keyhole he took a quick step back and looked up it was a huge churchlike building this must be this city's city hall.
He punched the door with brick break and it automatically fell the hinges were rusty no wonder it fell so quickly.
He looked inside the lights were on and there were sinks along the side they looked a little bit less rusty than the hinges on the door. As a Trainer and a Growlithe walk into the door with a black backpack "Oh how that would be awesome for me to have a black backpack." scraggy said with so much delight but first whats inside he snuck around the growlithe.
he quickly used brick break on the backpack making it fall he quickly grabbed it and ran out. he ran and ran but bumped into a Munchlax and bumped off until he found a closet and hid in it he must have lost him.

City Hall
I walked around and followed the trainer.Who was looking into a light baby blue sports bag
he looked around into the sports bag after he left thats when he saw a team galactic uniform"te-TEAM GALACTIC"I yelled with so much force that the sports bag tipped over and I used shadow claw and silently left. I was angry really angry until something hit my belly.
I covered my belly and fell backwards it hurt I couldn't see who could have done it
and as I fell I jumped back up even madder than I was before and I stomped away going into a door that was guarded the guards couldn't have seen me because I used shadow claw on the door and they couldn't see anything except another ultraviolet light and found myself standing in another empty room.
Why was it being guarded that answered my question when I saw a sword stuck in a sword holder it was pitch black.

Like a Baws
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