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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Originally Posted by JentleViolence View Post
Hi Pe2K party people! I'm Jentle, or JV, or whatever you used to call me, or want to call me. I've been gone for some time but over the past few weeks I've been browsing Pokemon stuff, among homeworking and volunteering and running and whatever, and I ended up over here. And I was smiling as I was going past old conversations, and new conversations, and stalking cool things to read from all the members. And like Geoffrey I too made an impulsive decision to check things out again. Whether I'm here feeling for the past or fetching for the future, I'm not sure! But I want to make friends again and stalk cool conversations again. Yay! (=

P.S. sorry about not being on AIM! my computer hates it now, or something!
hey wb. Enjoy your stay. Eat your vegetables. :3
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