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Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Blind Auction

Every interval of time (tentatively set at a week), a Pokeball (with a mon in it) will be put up for auction. People will bid on each Pokeball, and at the end of the next day, bidding will stop, and the highest bid will get the ball, at which time, the pokemon inside will be revealed.

How to Participate

At the beginning of each time interval, a Pokeball (basic mon), Greatball (mon that evolved once), or an Ultraball (mon that evolved twice) will be put up for bid, without revealing the Pokemon inside (pokes generated by RNG*). Pokeball bids start at $10, Greatballs $20, and Ultraballs $30. At the end of the day following the day the ball put for auction, the highest bid gets the ball, and the poke inside is revealed

*Die: 1-649 (determines species based on dex number; reroll if it lands on a legend.

Profits gained based on number of winners per week.
Hm... Description seems a bit bare-bonesed, but it doesn't really matter. I don't see any reason to dis this. Approv'd.
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