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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

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Outside of the Great Hall

Freya knew that not everything in life was going to make perfect sense. Whether this was because she wasn't the most intellectual (she knew she wasn't, but that was fine, she wasn't stupid either) or if that was just the way things were, she didn't know. But it didn't matter. She usually just took a deep breath, accepted it, and moved on.

However, when you got nailed on the forehead with a book traveling at very high velocity, you tend to want some sort of explanation for it. When you've recovered, anyway.

Freya distinctly remembered a CLONK and seeing spots dance in front of her eyes. It was only her training that kept her on her feet, and she staggered back, clutching her forehead. Her (delayed) response was an expletive, and a bad one. It was in her home language, which she occasionally reverted to when particularly frustrated or disoriented (Freya was both at the moment). She blinked at the book that Daniel had picked off the ground. She snapped something else, which the politest (and least accurate) translation of was 'what was that'. The tiniest trail of smoke was coming out of her nostrils.

((Not the longest post, but eh. Angry Freya is hilarious. Or downright terrifying, but I digress.))

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