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Default Re: ASB Announcements


Due to the departure of White Knight, Sabi is left without a crucial Gym Leader she needs to operate her gym. Therefore, she's is opening applications for a Co-Leader to her Gym, of which can be located here.

The application process is simple. PM Saraibre Ryu directly, to let her know you want to apply. After that, she'll put you on a list, looking into your battling skills to see how you battle and determine which of the applicants are best suited to fill the position of gym leader. Remember that this gym is a Multi-Battle Gym, requiring patience, a lot of cooperation and team work.

The selected ASB participant will automatically recieve all of the previous Gym Leader's Pokemon:

For more details on these Pokemon, click here.

The chosen trainer will be announced here, and will immediately recieve the above Pokemon after proper registration. Best of luck to all!
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