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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

"But there isn't a place to take him..." Jeremy’s words brought Kotomi and the twins to look down in thought for a moment, although Ashley’s voice made them all look back up again shortly after.

"There is a place we could take him."

"Where?" Dean beat them to the question.

"Lunar Island. The island is a few miles away from shore and it's covered in thick forest so almost no sunlight goes through the trees, and there's even a large cave where Rupert can hide out until we get him a bewitched Lapis Lazuli stone." Ashley explained, and Ichiru instantly remembered where he and Ashley had been a week ago when she had first been attacked by Asmodeus.

"So I'm just going to be thrown on some island like a piece of garbage?" Rupert asked in anger.

"It's the only option we have right now, Rupert." Caroline answered softly as Kiseki looked at the ground almost simultaneously with her. If anyone could relate to Rupert’s situation, he certainly could. He had gone through this very thing only three years ago. His blood lust had forced them all to move and put him on his own parents’ hit list, so he knew exactly how bad things could get - and he didn’t want Rupert to have to go through any of that.

"We'll be with you." Ashley said to the ginger as Kiseki snapped out of his thoughts, looking back up a few moments later. He noticed Ichiru’s gaze from across the room, knowing that the older twin had sensed his change in emotions, which brought him to offer a small, brief smile before both of their gazes shifted to Jeremy as he spoke.

"Sam, Dean and Castiel could go get the blood pouches while the rest of us go to the island to get Rupert comfortable." Castiel gave a nod in response, proceeding to teleport Sam, Dean and himself out of the house.

"You'll be okay Rupert." Abigail said with a sweet smile, bringing the ginger to smile back.

"I hope so." He responded.

"Let's go and rest a boat then that will fit all of us. You're able to go into the sunlight for now." Ashley said, picking up Abigail and walking towards the door with Rupert, Caroline and Jeremy following. Kotomi and Ichiru rose from the couch, the latter doing so a bit more slowly due to the soreness still lingering from the exorcism before. Kiseki followed as well, both siblings making sure Ichiru could walk despite his protests before moving on.

“I’ll go on ahead and rent the boat so everyone can just go on to the island when we get there.” Kiseki said after a few seconds, disappearing shortly after. Ichiru and Kotomi could easily tell that he was really concerned about the matter because he had been through it himself before.

After successfully renting a large boat for the group, Kiseki waited at the dock, staring out toward the water in silence. He tried to remember where he had gotten his Lapis Lazuli stone from, but he couldn’t remember for the life of him. He knew that Rupert didn’t need one for the first day or two at least, since he needed to gain at least a little control over his bloodlust before he came back out around humans. Without a ring, he wouldn’t be able to go out - which was the best decision for a new Vampire to begin with. Kiseki had made the mistake of going to school and surrounding himself with them too soon, which had resulted in a massacre. Even his friends had been killed…

Kiseki shook the thoughts away, shifting his gaze to Lunar Island in the distance. This wasn’t the time to think about that. There was no guarantee that Rupert wouldn’t be able to control himself - and even if he couldn’t he could be stopped and calmed down easily. There was nothing to worry about, right?
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