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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

Be careful, something still doesn’t seem right. As Ashley was getting together some food and Sam, Dean and Castiel waited in the living room from not knowing what to do next Ichiru's voice entered Ashley's mind telepathically, bringing the brunette to look at him oddly as he pushed himself on the couch. Ashley wasn't quite sure what Ichiru meant by it, bringing her to look at Rupert as he stared back.

"Is everything alright?" Rupert asked, to which Ashley quickly looked over to Caroline.

"Pass me that bottle of water." Ashley said as she looked at the very same bottle Abigail was holding a few moments ago. She thought that Ichiru meant to be careful encase Rupert still had the Demon inside of him, not having any idea that he actually meant to be careful due to the Vampire signs Rupert was showing. Ashley, Jeremy and Caroline had encountered a few Vampires in their life, but had never seen one in transition which was why they weren't picking up on the signs.

Caroline nodded and grabbed the closed bottle of holy water, walking over to Ashley and handing it to her. Abigail watched silently as the scene unfolded in front of her, the toddler deciding to try and tap into her abilities of being a Mermaid/Demon Hybrid. It took her a few moments to sort out all of the new energies that was radiating from her but once she did, she could tell now that Rupert was somehow turning into a Supernatural creature.

"What's going on?" Jeremy asked as he entered the kitchen, bringing Castiel and the Winchester brothers to enter the kitchen too.

"I need you to take a few sips of this water." Ashley said as her and Rupert locked eyes.

"But why?" Rupert asked in confusion, though he reached over and took the bottle, unscrewing the cap from it.

"I need to make sure you're not really a Demon." Ashley responded. Rupert quickly took a sip of it then, which brought the group to look at him anxiously. Normally of a Demon drank or even touched holy water then they would start to burn much like a Vampire would with Vervain but nothing happened, which brought Ashley, Jeremy and Caroline to sigh in relief.

"Is it normal to feel, well... weird after being possessed by a Demon?" Rupert asked.

"Weird like how?" Ashley asked in confusion.

"I'm just... I'm really really hungry and the damn sunlight keeps on hurting my eyes. My muscles are aching and..." Rupert trailed off as he put his fingertips up to the top gums in his mouth. "I feel something in my gums and it really hurts."

"Wait a minute..." Caroline said as she walked over to Rupert and stood in front of him, her eyes turning into slits a few moments later. "Oh no..." Caroline paused once again as Rupert looked at her in both shock and fear.

"What's wrong?" Rupert asked. Caroline's eyes went back to normal as she looked over to the rest of the group, then back at Rupert.

"Rupert... you're turning into a Vampire..." Caroline said in a soft voice. Ashley's and Jeremy's eyes widened in shock along with Sam, Dean, Abigail and even Castiel.

"A Vampire?" Sam asked as Caroline nodded.

"How the bloody hell can I be turning into a Vampire?" Rupert asked almost defensively, not wanting to believe Caroline.

"Asmodeus must had made you drink Vampire blood and then killed you while he was possessing you..." Ashley said, looking over to Ichiru, Kiseki and Kotomi. "W-what can we do?"
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