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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

"I'm in here." Abigail’s voice brought Ichiru’s attention to the closet a few feet away, where the door opened to reveal the toddler with a bottle of holy water in one hand and salt in the other. The sight of the younger brunette unharmed brought him to sigh in relief.

"You remembered precautions? That's my girl." Ashley said, as she sat up on the couch, although Ichiru stayed where he was for the time being as Abigail smiled in response and ran over to greet the two with a tight hug.

"Are you okay mommy?" He heard her ask Ashley.

"I'm fine now." The older brunette responded with a nod as the toddler put the salt and holy water on the floor.

“Try not to inherit our recklessness when you get older, Abby.” Ichiru joked as he looked at the toddler.

Kiseki gave a pained grunt, pushing himself up from the floor after a few moments. As he slowly rose back to his feet, he noticed Sam, Dean and Kotomi had all come to check on him, offering all of them a small smile before his attention shifted to Caroline, who had lunged at Asmodeus only for the demon to grab her by the shoulders and throw her down the hole.

“Caroline!“ The dark haired teen yelled, using his Vampire speed in an attempt to catch the blonde before she fell to the ground, but proved to be too slow. However, as he looked down the hole, he saw her gracefully land on her feet - just like a cat. With a sigh of relief, he turned his attention back to Asmodeus, his eyes having shifted to a dull red when he had seen the demon push Caroline through the hole. He started to attack, but before he could, the demon quickly left Rupert’s body through the familiar thick, black smoke that Kiseki and Kotomi had seen several times throughout their lives.

"Rupert!" Caroline’s voice came from the stairway as the ginger collapsed, and Kiseki joined her at his side while Kotomi made sure that Jeremy was pulled back to safety, having been beaten by Dean in aiding the older male.

Kiseki, is everything okay? Kiseki stopped when Ichiru’s voice entered his mind, bringing him to miss the conversation between the others.

Yeah, Asmodeus left Rupert’s body. It looks like no one else has been hurt. Are Ashley and Abigail okay?

They’re fine. Ashley’s spine is completely healed and Abby escaped safely.

What about you?

I’m a little sore, but it’s nothing compared to what we’ve been through before.

That’s good to know. We’re heading back so we’ll be there soon. Kiseki broke the connection as he followed the others outside to where Castiel still waited. Going by groups of two again, soon they were all back at Ashley’s house, where the two brunettes and Ichiru still sat in the living room. Kiseki and Kotomi looked at their brother oddly when seeing him sitting in the floor - especially since he had just told Kiseki he was alright. However, neither of them said anything as Ashley spoke.

"What happened with Asmodeus?" She asked as Ichiru’s attention went to Rupert, who squinted his eyes in reaction to the sunlight coming through the window and quickly turned away from it. Kiseki noticed this as well, glancing over to meet Ichiru’s gaze while Jeremy responded to his sister.

"He got away."

"I'm really hungry... could I have something to eat while you guys tell me what happened?" Rupert asked.

"No problem. What do you want to eat?" Ashley responded as she, Rupert and Abigail all walked into the kitchen.

"Do you have any red meat perhaps?"

"We have roast beef that's really red and juicy." Ashley said, to which the ginger nodded in response. Ichiru, Kiseki and even Kotomi, who had begun to recognize familiar signs, all looked at him suspiciously. Since Abigail was half demon, it was possible that she might have been able to sense something as well.

Be careful, something still doesn’t seem right. Ichiru spoke to Ashley mentally as he lifted himself up onto the couch, ignoring the pain in his stomach. He knew Ashley wouldn’t be able to respond, but at least she could still hear him.
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