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Default Re: Television shows that you would like to see revived

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
That's just a sign you're getting old.

Personally I do think there are good cartoons out there. You just need to find them.

Such as... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

And some Anime. That can be Hit or Miss.
What's sad is the fact I am only 16, going on 17 late this month. XD At the same time I go on rants about the days when Sccoby-Doo had no plot connection between episodes and Looney Tunes were a bunch of little clips rather than full-blown episodes

Personally, I'm just not into watching ponies. I think the more anime-ish art style looks weird. I agree on the anime, though. I watch more Japanese cartoons than American ones, yet my parents wonder why... *looks at Adventure Time, The Regular Show, etc...* My sister hates it when I get on the subject of Johnny Test.

I agree with Grassy on Moonlight. I want more Mick! Those vampires were pure awesomeness, and non-sparkly! However, Mew Mew Power, if you mean the 4kids version--no, just NO. You wanna finish the series, go YouTube subbed episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew. 4Kids massively screwed up that series. Done completely over by another company that manages to not entirely bungle names and such, sure. Until then, the English version of TMM needs to stay dead. Ihave no grudge with the series itself, as it introduced me to manga, but the US version as made by 4Kids drove me insane when I got ahold of the manga it was based off of.

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