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Default Re: Television shows that you would like to see revived

Originally Posted by PikaChew View Post
Name something from the past and maybe give a short reason as to why you think it should be brought back. (Does not have to be animated and also pictures are nice too)

A show about the world inside of the computer or something like that. Tells the story of video games from the perspective of the AI's. (correct me if I am not describing that right)
Then the plot went somewhere and Reboot ended with Megabyte taking over EVERYTHING. We'll just have to settle for the webcomic that continues from then. Well I guess that's it for Reboot though.

Originally Posted by PikaChew View Post
Those are all pretty good, I am still amazed that Invader Zim got canceled. Whenever I eat sunflower seeds it always reminds me of Hamtaro and company..

Robot Wars
This was kind of like pokemon except with robots. As I recall, some of the toughest bots where the ones that had pincer or claw weapons.
No idea why Invader Zim was cancelled.

Robot Wars and others of their type were like a nerd heaven for my high school mind. I always liked the bots with sledgehammers as their weapons though. XD

Stuff to add:
Witch Hunter Robin

Honestly it's never going to get a sequel. So I'd like to mention the second of two (the other was Love Hina) anime series that brought me back to anime after a long hiatus. It was good, yes.
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