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Default Foxamivalth vs eishiba -- eishiba wins by DQ.

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
Battle Style: Single Battle, 2 Pokemon
DQ Time: 4 Days
Damage Cap: 999
OHKO moves, Perish Song, Destiny Bond, etc. are prohibited.
All high-critical rate effect is negated, Focus Energy will always fail, Super Luck is negated.
Only 3 Chills per Pokemon.
Arena: Floating Island
An island that floats up in the sky with sharp and pointy rocks floating all around the island. Heavy wind blows all day long.
Stealth Rock applies on both player's arena as soon as the battle starts. The rocks will hurt whatever Pokemon coming from the Pokeball.
Strange Wind will make every attack may cause critical hit. Roll 1-4, if 1 the attack results in critical hit.
Ref: Open

Challenger makes thread and notifies me, please.

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