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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [RP]

(it was perfectly fine ^^)

As Ashley laid there on the dirtied floor motionless all she could think about now was saving Rupert's life, praying that Asmodeus didn't damage the body as she stared up through the hole where she could see the rest of her friends fighting with the Demon. Ichiru's voice snapped her out of her thoughts however, glancing over and seeing that the male was beginning to heal her broken spinal cord.

“I can’t move her like this. Go ahead and start it!” Ichiru yelled up to the others, bringing Kiseki and Ashley to quickly look at Ichiru.

“Are you crazy? It will hurt you too!” Kiseki said.

“I’ll be fine. I just need to heal her spine to where I can move her.” Ichiru responded. “Hurry up!”


“Just do it! Before he has the chance to hurt someone else!” Ichiru said as Ashley looked at him in complete shock.

"You'll die..." Ashley whispered, though when she heard Kiseki begin to say the Latin incantation her fears became true. As Ichiru was healing Ashley she could see the absolute pain Ichiru was in, bringing Ashley to look at him in complete horror; she was terrified that Ichiru would die right in front of her eyes. After a few moments however Ashley felt that the pain was already almost gone, bringing Ichiru to stop healing her and turn his head as he coughed up some blood.

"You can't stay here any longer." Ashley said. Ichiru then scooped her up from the ground and ran out of the building with her in his arms, the young brunette seeing Castiel instantly, although Abigail was nowhere to be seen.

“Please send us back to the house. I need to get Ashley away from here.” Ichiru said in between panting breaths as he looked at Castiel. Ashley suddenly found herself back in her living room with Ichiru, the brunette relieved somewhat as Ichiru gently laid her on the couch and finished healing her injury. The worry came back however as Ichiru collapsed to his knees on the ground, bringing Ashley to quickly look at him in alarm.

"Are you alright?" Ashley asked.

“I didn’t think it would take that much energy away…” Ichiru muttered, wrapping an arm around his stomach for a few moments. After a few moments however he looked back up at Ashley, offering her a small smile of relief. “I’m glad you’re okay. That was a really reckless thing to do.”

"I know..." Ashley said with a small smirk. She then noticed that Ichiru was looking around the living room, knowing he was looking for Abigail.

“Abby? Are you here?” Ichiru asked.

"I'm in here." Abigail said, opening a closet door a few feet away with a bottle of holy water in one hand and a bottle of salt in the other.

"You remembered precautions? That's my girl." Ashley said with a smile as she sat up on the couch, bringing Abigail to smile back and run over to her parents where she tightly hugged the two of them.

"Are you okay mommy?" Abigail asked as she looked at Ashley.

"I'm fine now." Ashley said with a nod, bringing Abigail to put the water and salt on the floor.

Back at the abandoned building the group watched Kiseki suddenly smash into the wall, bringing Caroline to charge right for Asmodeus as Sam and Dean quickly went to make sure Kiseki was okay. When Caroline was right in front of the Demon however and was about to strike he quickly took Caroline by the shoulders and threw her down the hole that led downstairs, though she quickly regained her composure and landed on her feet gracefully like a cat.

"You okay?" Jeremy yelled as he looked down the hole.

"I'm fine." Caroline responded with a nod, running for the stairs to get back up into the room. Jeremy was standing too close to the edge however as some of it gave away, sending the young hunter through it but was able to hang onto a pipe that ran through the ceiling, Jeremy hanging there for his life. Asmodeus realized that he was outnumbered at the moments, deciding to leave Rupert's body as thick, black smoke suddenly escaped from his mouth and quickly flew out the window, bringing Rupert to collapse onto the ground.

"Rupert!" Caroline yelled as she reentered the room and ran to Rupert's side, Dean pulling Jeremy back up to safety. Jeremy gave a nod of appreciation to the other hunter, though he still didn't trust him or his brother yet; not even the Angel.

"Is he okay?" Jeremy asked as Rupert slowly opened his eyes and sat up, looking at the group.

"What happened? Where the bloody am I?" Rupert asked as he looked around the unfamiliar room.

"We'll, umm... explain when we get home." Caroline said as her and Jeremy helped Rupert to his feet, a pounding headache going through Rupert's head. Rupert glanced up at Kotomi and the others for a few moments, nodding as the group left the building where Castiel was waiting. After going by groups of two the group returned to Ashley's house, to which relieved Ashley when seeing that everyone was alright.

"What happened with Asmodeus?" Ashley asked as Rupert looked out the window, though he squinted his eyes from the sun and quickly turned away from it.

"He got away." Jeremy said, bringing Ashley to simply nod; she was just glad that everyone was safe now.

"I'm really hungry... could I have something to eat while you guys tell me what happened?" Rupert asked, an unexplained hunger suddenly rising within him.

"No problem. What do you want to eat?" Ashley asked as her and Rupert walked into the kitchen with Abigail following.

"Do you have any red meat perhaps?" "Rupert responded.

"We have roast beef that's really red and juicy." Ashley said as Rupert nodded. Little did Ashley know however was that Asmodeus had changed Rupert into a Vampire while he was possessing his body, so Rupert was actually craving human blood...
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