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Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Name: Michael Mikulak

Age: 12 (yes, you read that correctly)

Gender: Male

Status: Deviant Tungz

Appearance: Michael is short: he stands at a mere 4'9". He is also very thin, with only 90 pounds of weight on him. He has jet black hair that was cut in a buzz cut, but is long and erratic from his time in prison. He is currently wearing an orange jumpsuit with some very fancy "bracelets".

Personality: At first, Michael looks very kind, a tad timid, invoking an instinct to protect. His tender age in the war certainly helps with this image.

And then you get to know him better.

As you learn his MO, you realize that he has an extensive map of the human pathos, and can abuse every facet of this map with his seductive voice. He may not be much of a fighter, but even WAE Enginez have a very difficult time not falling to his voice. He weaponizes his voice: there's a reason the suicide rate in his area is so abnormally high. His voice is the kind that changes people, the kind that could start revolutions. Be warned

Background: Michael's father left his mother a month before Michael was born. This shaped Michael quite interestingly: he was raised solely by an Enginez mother, who implanted the theory that ideas are the supreme manipulators. However, while his mother went for sheer volume of ideas to stay in control, Michael took a very different approach: as he went to school with his observant eyes and cunning mind, he learned human beings, their minds, their feelings, their motives, their methods. He was, though normal grade-wise (A and B student), he was an exceptional student of all those around him, those unwitting teachers, as he learned every human being around him, began forming patterns in the human psyche, and began to scientifically test different reactions with his voice, always finding a purer reaction, more heightened, when he used his voice as opposed to another's.

Then his mother had a fatal "accident" after she was discovered to be an Engine, and he was put in foster care at the age of ten.

Michael did not like foster care. He saw the children at school lose the life in their eyes one by one, and was determined not to let the same happen to him. So, when his gaurdians were trying to WAE-ify him, he put all of his knowledge of humanity and strength of his voice into one statement:

"Let me go. "

Those poor, easily manipulated people: it was like Michael was a cannon, and they were merely a sheet of tissue paper pulled taut in front of it. The guardians later sustained fatal injuries in an "accident".

As he ran, he ran into a a member of Sable's rebels. He recognized the life in the rebel's eyes and struck up a conversation. But then they were attacked by a WAE assassin. Although the rebel, a Tattu, fought well, the element of surprise was starting to wear the rebel down. So Michael started to help in his own way. He began using his voice on the WAE assassin figuring out different weapons to use against the assassin based on the reactions Michael got. Michael began to break the assassin, get him to realize that Michael and the rebel were human, instead of the feral beasts they were supposed to be. The assassin realized his track record of hits were not something to be prideful of, but something to be ashamed of. The assassin, in his guilt, took his own life.

Michael joined the rebels, with the Tattu as his advocate. He helped hijack channels and play footage. He was always able to obtain the supplies the rebels needed, without a trace. He helped to convert WAE and, when that didn't work, he destroyed them inside. He slowly became recognized in the rebellion as a powerful ally. But then it went wrong.

After Miss Sable freaked out with her creative outburst, the rebellion scattered; they were being attacked by the WAE. No one got away, and Michael was sent to minimum security prison. Big mistake. He walked out on the first day, solo (as he couldn't find any other members of the rebellion there). After two weeks, he was recaptured, and sent to a maximum security prison in the WAE HQ.

There, Michael fought his battles. Each interrogator who sought to talk to him thought that he would be an easy target for info, or easy to break. They were mistaken. Every interragator sent to him either defected, self-terminated, or otherwise became useless. The WAE are still at a loss as what to do with him, and he is currently plotting escape.


Pathos: Michael is a master of the human pathos, and will contort it to his whim.
Hannibal Lecture: Michael is perfectly capable breaking his enemies with only his words.
[i]Clarity:[i] Michael can make his meaning clear with only the tone of his voice.
Commands: People tend to listen to Michael's orders, especially if they are weak minded.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Leeroy
Age: 23
Gender: n/a (Refered to as male)
Species: Collosus
Appearance: Leeroy is a seven foot tall golden humanoid automaton. He has harsh red eyes, and golden hair (like the rest of his body) in a buzz cut. He is extremely muscular.
Personality: Leeroy bashes first, ask questions later. He can be quite cold and ruthless, but he isn't the smartest sona ever. He will attack the WAE with no compunction, and doesn't care who gets in his way. He has a bit of a soft spot for Michael, but that's it.
Information: Michael made leeroy when Michael was 8. Leeroy is intended to be both the muscle Michael has never personally had, with michael's underlying ruthlessness at the fore.
Strength: Self explanatory
Weapons expert: although Leeroy can be Pretty dumb, he can handle an weapon with ease
Other: n/a
For some reason the forum title never went bold when this was posted...

The Sona is a little lacking but I figure he's one of the simpler designs. Quite an interesting twelve year old you got there. Accepted.
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