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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Currently on Hiatus]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
I'm deeply saddened to hear that... I'm sorry, but I can't imagine prioritising one story over another just because it can be published.

I hope you understand that if you are quitting this story permanently, then I will not read the chapters I have yet to catch up on or leave feedback on them, since that would be entirely pointless, for obvious reason.

Well I'm sorry for discontinuing at the moment, but I want work that I can actually present to the world. For some, non-published work might be fine. And even if I could publish a story about Pokemon, I wouldn't want that. I have original ideas and they need to be heard.

Well that's fine if you don't want to read them, entirely up to you. I'm just glad to be working on something that might go somewhere, not that this wasn't. xD I loved StormRiders, it's always going to be my first story, and that makes it part of me. It is finished within myself, because I know it. Shame the rest of you might not, though. D: I just can't seem to put it to words lately.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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