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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Originally Posted by Simmi View Post
So Simmi broke his arm, fractured in multiple places so he can't type, neither can he hold a pencil (But that's not important) .. So he broke his arm when playing basketball out on the icy ground, there is like a thick 5 cm layer of ice outside no snow.. Anyway this happened a couple of days ago, this is his cousin typing for him. xD
Anyway the doctor told him it's gonna be almost 2-3 months before he'll be completely recovered and it's safe for him to go back into boxing and his hand will be wrapped up for the next 2 months, so he'll only be able to do sports that don't require both hands.. xD
So he doesn't think he'll be able to forum related things with his hand all messed up.
Anyway he thinks he won't be using the computer for the next two months, he hasn't been able to use it since before he got all wrapped up. So he's gonna be kinda gone, not online anywhere for the next two months. He says he finds it rather depressing spending time on msn or aim if he can't type. :/
This is gonna be a big adjustment seeing his left hand is broken and he's left handed, so he'll have to use his time now to find a way to do homework for the next two months with his other hand or get someone who wants to do it for him
So he doesn't see time for forums until the cast is off.
So he got fractured/broken (not sure what the English term is) in 6 places , his thump, index and middle finger, wrist and two places in his arm above his wrist..
It's probably his own fault mostly from playing basketball in conditions like that
tho the field was mostly cleared from ice, tho it wasn't completely clear of the ice and yeah
That happened, spent 6 hours at the ER.

So Simmi says goodbye for the next 2-3 months, until his cast is off, he says he very sorry and that he hates his cast.

So he says he'll see you 2-3 months.

Goodbye for now.
Master the left hand, Simmi! ;)
Get better. :3

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
Hello everyone. I am Professor Geoffrey and my last post on Pokémon Elite 2000 was July 25th, 2011, almost exactly half a year ago.

Coming back was a bit of an impulse move, and I am not sure if it will stick, to be quite honest. When I left, it was kind of literally like I fell off the face of the earth. I got extremely busy at a breakneck pace, and to be frank I still am really busy. I have just gotten much better at managing my time, and am in need of something to help me pass some of the time I have leftover. Things are much simpler, however, with marching band out of the way. It was life consuming, and would have been much worse if I had been selected for drum major.

I thought about doing this constantly over the past couple of days. I went on a trip with the marching band, as we do a big trip every other year, this time to New York. My primary reason for going, of course, was Nintendo World, and I did manage to go stop in despite only having five minutes to do so, even when I was promised an hour. I had been wanting to go there for ten years ever since before it was a Nintendo World, when it used to be a Pokémon Center. One of my friends who came along the trip started talking about spriting, and I started thinking about the forum. This was the place that made me start thinking about spriting and graphic art, and everything, and I thought I owed it to PE2K to come back. Whether as Website Staff, or otherwise.

Well. Let's hope that this time I stay. ;)

~Professor Geoffrey
Ya I dunno. Nintendo World wasn't as...well all that interesting after being there. Kinda underwhelming when the Toys R Us has a Ferris Wheel and a T Rex. I liked the museum touch though.

An ya, I'm a Yorker now.
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