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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

(OOC: Everyone keeps referencing directions in reference to the zoo, do we have a map that people are using?)

Marleena Feyr
Lavender Zoo; Entrance

The sounds of screams and running feet trampling over various terrain sped up the pace of Marleena and Tank. She shifted from moving forward cautiously with her pistol aimed at the ground to quickly moving forward, pistol aimed in front of her. Tank's pace changed as well, from his lumbering bipedal stature down to the charging 190 pound living tank that really entailed the Blastoise's true ferocious nature. The two moved forward in action, both of them ready to take out anything that would cross paths with black-ops infantry and her Blastoise on a bad day. With people panicking around her, she looked around. Everything was moving almost as if in slow motion.

The screams of the people panicking out of the zoo. The stampede of various pokemon, feet, hooves, and claws skittering, stamping, raging in a surge around the entrance gate. A strange deformed Stantler chased off after a trainer running deeper into the zoo. Idiots. Why is it that civvies always do the most NONSENSICAL things possible... She looked around, hearing the gush of water as Tank blasted a few of the zombies back away from the gate. She turned on the bullhorn equipped to her belt. "Attention all citizens inside the Lavender Town Zoo. This is an operative of the Kanto Special Forces. Please evacuate the area as quickly as possible." As the people started running in her direction, she holstered her pistol, motioning to Tank to keep pressing back any zombies which would try and approach. Every so often, she would hear the pressurized pussh as he took various shots to keep the zombies back. It was a poor tactic, especially for anyone else still remaining in the zoo, but at least most of the visitors would be getting out alive. People rushed past her, and she switched back to the radio transmitter in her helmet.

"Agent Feyr to Headquarters, come in."
"This is Headquarters, go ahead Feyr."
"I've arrived at the Lavender Town Zoo, and can confirm the zombie reports. Affected pokemon seem to have an increased resistance to typical pokemon attacks, and continually attempt to attack humans. Civilians are evacuating now, requesting backup and supplies for a quarantine, including barricade materials and a few mobile gun emplacements. These things look dangerous, and until we find a way to put them down, I don't want to have to mess with them. In the meantime, I'm going to search the zoo for any stragglers. Feyr out."
"Acknowledged. Backup will be dispatched within the next few days, ETA some time within the week. HQ out."

The static burst marked the end of the conversation. Realizing that she was still standing in the entrance, with people still streaming around her, she switched out her pokemon, bringing out Amelia, her Fearow, back out. She saddled up, and the large bird quickly rose to the skies, both trainer and pokemon searching everywhere visible to avoid zombies, and to search for stragglers.
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