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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
I thoroughly encourage you to read this book. Or this book. Or this.

If you think these are attacks, you are mistaken.

Must I remind you of the Thirty Years War, Crusades, Protestant-Catholic conflicts, Charlemagne, persecution of Alan Turing, Witch Hunts/Burnings, the murdering of homosexuals, Spanish Inquisition, Child Molestation Scandals, the rejection of gays in the Boy Scouts (an organization owned by Mormons), the repeated violations of the U.S constitution, the KKK, the Catholic-run extermination camps in Croatia, Rwanda Massacres, Chmielnitzki Massacres? I don't think the passage of time pardons the anger or the suspicion against any religion. The more recent behavior of your typical Christian was not always the case, and Christian surges will continue just as they did in the 1800s and the 1950s.

Like I have said before, I do not blame all Christians. I will quote myself.

That does not apply to just Christians, mind you. It applies to every religion and cult on Earth.

My point is this. It annoys and angers me when people deny the fact that their religion is a weapon. Religion has always been violent, still is violent, and will always be violent. While it may not be your specific religion at this moment, it all runs in cycles.
You've dodged an important point. Again, just because someone does something in the name of a religion, doesn't mean that the religion promotes that action. Also the religion isn't the weapon here. It's the gall of the people involved in the act, or the fear of the insubordinates commanded to do so. Moreover, many of these events had little to do with Christianity and were based more on things like establishing reliable trade routes or striking fear into certain factions of people.

I encourage you to take an anthropology class when you grow up and go to college. There you will learn about people.

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