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Default Re: Latio-Reol v. narphoenix

Round Two


[Hammuhyd] Gible(?)
HP: 100%
Energy: 80%
+1 ATK, +1 ACC
Condition: I missed!


HP: 100%
Reflect will end after next round
Condition: I missed too!

The darkness was hard to see in. Staryu figured since its opponent was getting stronger, it too, should get the same treatment. It noted how strong Hammuhyd had gotten. It caused itself to copy the strength of the tiny dragon Pokemon. Staryu now had the same stats and was ready to rumble. (Staryu -3 energy +1ATK +1 ACC)

Hammuhyd didn't like fighting in the dark. It didn't like fighting clean either. It grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it at the red center on the brown star. Staryu shook itself as the dirty attack of sand caused it to lose the accuracy build up it just gained. (Hammuhyd -2 energy) (Staryu -1ACC)

Staryu was ready for a devastating move. It was more than capable of it so why not unleash before the monster gets stronger? It took aim at Hammuhyd and began to think cold thoughts as it fired a cold beam of energy at the dragon Pokemon. The tiny Gible tumbled backwards as the sheer cold beam struck it, sending chills down its spine as the move was very effective. (Staryu -24 energy) (Hammuhyd -23 energy)

Hammuhyd was not quite ready to attack. It stood up after taking the ice beam attack and began to once again sharpen its claws and take careful aim. Doing so raised its chances of winning in the dark. It also watched as Staryu reflect wore off.(Hammuhyd -4 energy +1ATK +1ACC)


[Hammuhyd] Gible(?)
HP: 77%
Energy: 74%
+2 ATK, +2 ACC
Condition: Getting stronger baby!


HP: 100%
Condition: I made a good hit!
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