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Default Re: Velocity vs narphoenix

Round Two


[Chomp] Totodile(M)
HP: 82%
Energy: 94%


HP: 100%

Staryu decided wearing its foe down was a good idea. It wanted to make up for the wasted evade. The small star shaped Pokemon worked up some really nasty spit. From the most high point of all five points, it released a purple colored goo. The goo hurled through the air and connected with Chomp. Chomp gagged for a moment as it now wish it had listened to its momma years ago when she told him to keep his mouth shut. (Staryu -6 energy) (Chomp Toxic)

Chomp felt a little sick but it still had the strength to keep fighting. It looked for a nice updraft from the edge, between lands. The wind took the tiny crocodile high into the air. Chomp looked down realizing how high he was. He gulped, hoping he didn't fall. (Chomp catches updraft -1 energy)

Staryu knew Chomp was up to something. Whatever it was doing way up there, it would be ready. It created a veil that covered the entire Pokemon like it was armor. The best offense is a good defense, Staryu thought to itself. (Staryu -6 energy reflect)

Chomp was now high in the sky. It looked down at the star down below and took aim. It let itself fall out of the updraft. I gained speed from the hieght in the air and came down with great speed. Even Staryu, with its great speed, couldn't avoid this attack. Chomp reached its right claws out and came down with a massive swipe. Staryu staggered a bit but the veil over itself kept it safe from the amount of damage it could have sustained, especially from an attack that hieght. (Chomp -13 energy) (Staryu -9 HP)

Chomp stood up and was ready to keep going. It took a moment to hold its stomach as the toxic inside its system coursed through its body. It opened its mouth as it began to vomit from the nasty poison. (-2HP)


[Chomp] Totodile(M)
HP: 80%
Energy: 80%
+2ATK Toxic
Condition: Love those updrafts!


HP: 91%
Condition: Pleased with its defense

Notes: I felt Aerial Ace from way up high should do more damage so I gave the attack a 1.3. Reflect still cancelled it out but it was a little more damage.
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