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the creator of pokeman (satoshi tajari or something) wanted to call the franchise capsule-mon, and the first form of pokemon (manga form) was a bad seller from 1990 called capsule-mon, the first pokemon was gengar or nidoran/dinorino, but they looked different, torchic was supposed to have ears, blaziken and latios and latias was supposed to be the same pokemon, new bark town was, Bleave it or not, actually gonna be named silent hill, but the software crashed and the creators regretted a little on the design and they remade it compleatly different(it had a tower and stuff OMA

non pokeman stuff

australian banana is a kind of shrimp, marmite is illegal in denmark, something near 70% of all videogames sold in hong-kong are bootlegs (i am not sure if that one is true cats cant move their jaws sideways, owls are the only bird hwo can see blue
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