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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

Originally Posted by Exon Auxus View Post

It's a moderator's job to ensure all discussions remain objective and respectful. It's also not a New Trainer's job to tell a moderator how to do his job. Food for thought.

I'm Non-denominational Christian.

Something that really bothers me is that people often desire a logical explanation of everything in Christianity. Where is God? Why did Jesus die for your sins if he was a God and could kill them all? What was the point of all these events anyway? What's all that nonsense with a dragon and junk in the Bible? What about evolution? How is the Bible symbolic? Eh, truth is, most Christians can't honestly and accurately answer all of those kind of questions. A keystone principle in Christianity is the faith-based dedication to a set of morals and values. It's something we've come to respect and at least attempt to emulate in our daily lives. Everyone has to believe in the invisible, even if it’s simply air or wind. But just because someone is a Christian doesn’t mean that they know, or are even required to know, the answer to every questionable aspect of the religion.

Ministers are often seen as corrupt too. Some are sexist, and others even seem a little cheesy in how they give their messages. Then you get people who point at that and say it's just silly. I agree. I also believe that it is wholly impossible to form your opinion on something as sizable as a religion based solely on one, two, or even a few occurrences. That minister doesn't represent the vast majority of Christians, nor does he represent the values of Christianity. It just seems silly to me when someone goes to one church, or one event, doesn't like it, and instantly denounces it forever. The church I grew up attending was great, because the ministers were so level-headed and just had a joy for life. There was no pretending to be fake, acting silly on television, or hatred for any faction of people.

With religion aside, I would rather follow a set of morals that uphold humanity than a lifestyle that disgraces it. Well that begs the question of how some Christians view homosexuality, abortion, and other social issues. All of that nonsense is technical in my opinion, and varies from person to person, sometimes almost completely regardless of religion. People can think and believe whatever they want, and no one has the right to disturb that privilege. The problems start coming when people attempt to start imposing their beliefs on others in attempts to force them to submit to a certain lifestyle. For example, Christianity does not approve of homosexuality, and I agree with this. However, I also believe that it's far outside of my power to attempt to get rid of homosexuals or purge them of their sexual orientation. Nor would I ever have the audacity or energy to waste my time even trying. They're free to do what they want, and my opinion of someone doesn't change because they have some quality or some condition that's unapproved by Christianity. The judging is for God. One teaching that not many people know is that we are advised to hate the sin, and not the sinner. Then you wonder about the many ways people can become homosexual. Doesn’t matter to me. Again, it doesn’t change my opinion of the person or make me wish the worst for them.

It all comes down to faith for my Christian beliefs. And you could argue that faith is just a lousy attempt to justify and answer all of the loopholes and problems with Christianity, but then I think you've missed the point of the religion and are very welcome to respectfully hold your own beliefs despite continuous disagreements.
Faith isn't a lousy attempt to justify your beliefs. It is a real thing, faith is. But faith in the unprovable and the completely illogical is ridiculous.

But I am not here to argue the existence of God. I am here to point out that religion justifies any violent act or threat, and it has been observed in the passed. I realize that times change, but it still does not prove me wrong. While Christianity may not be as violent as it was before, it is obvious to see that any religion is a double-edged blade.

It may offer you comfort and provide, in your mind, the most logical explanation as to how things work and how we got here, but at what cost? Humanity's scientific, technological, and social growth has been continuously slowed by the very religion you believe in. Millions upon millions of people have died for this thing called faith.

I suspect you would vote against homosexual marriage then? The U.S is so very behind in a lot of things that concern ethics. The very continent that your religion really took power in is now far more secular than your country has ever been.

You want to know something scary about your religion? Seventy eight percent of the U.S population is Christian. This includes Catholics, Evangelical Protestant, Mainline Protestants, Mormonism, Eastern Orthodox, and Nondenominational. Forty seven percent of those Christians believe the world is 6,000-10,000 years old. Forty seven percent believe that the book of Genesis really took place, literally. Forty seven percent believe that you can literally be possessed by demons. Forty seven percent think that anybody who doesn't believe in not only their religion, but their denomination is going to hell. Forty seven percent of Christians in the world's technological superpower believe that talking snakes are real. Forty seven percent believe that condoms are unreliable and evil. Forty seven percent scream for war.

Do you get it? Religion is a very scary weapon, no matter who wields it. I have no problem with you believing in a deity. Sometimes, because of my Christian programming, I find myself asking the sky for something. The only difference between you and I is that I am not ignorant to the fact that religion is an outdated, corrupted, vile poison in modern society. Deists, thumbs up. Theists, ohhh you theists. Supporting those who kill, fight, and scream. Even if it is unknowingly done.

I don't have faith that wind is there. I know wind is there. We can observe it, feel its effects, and explain why it happens. You, however, have faith that a deity exists despite the fact that you cannot observe it, feel any of its effects (that "feeling" of god has been explained through psychology), or explain how it got there or why it does what it supposedly does.
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