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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

"Yeah, that's definitely one whimsical little Maractus. It'd make a great addition to the team." She smiled and returned to her Pokemon. Alex returned to watching the battle and awaiting her next move.

"I got an idea, Sakyuu. Try mixing a Flamethrower with a Sonicboom attack." Subayai commanded. Alex was surprised, this sort of combination was hard to complete. It required a lot of focus and technique, producing two moves from the mouth. Most combinations were either focused around the idea of attacking first with one move then quickly following up with the next, or powering up two attacks, each on different parts of the body, (for example both hands) and dealing twice the damage. Throughout his career, Alex had witnessed a lot of different combinations, for example the Ice Beam + Surf combination Ataro used in his first run to Mt. Deckbi.

Alex was sidetracked at returned to the battle. However something was strange, Flygon wasnít moving and instead turned its long golden brown neck beck to its trainer with confusion. Obviously Flygon didnít understand what it was supposed to do and reverted to its trainer for advice or to clarify.

"What I need you to do is charge a Flamethrower and a Sonicboom attack at the same time; maybe the sound waves could be infused with the fire and hit Maractus for a little more damage." Subayai said to Flygon, trying to explain her orders. Flygon reluctantly nodded and flew up into the sky. During the whole confusion, Maractus was busy creating a small red ball it its hands. Inside the small red ball was the Japanese sign for fire. Alex quickly opened his bag and withdrew a small camera and took a quick shot. Photography was a sort of a hobby to Alex and whenever there was a battle going on, Alex wasnít too far away.

Maractus sent the small red ball into the thick clouds above. All of a sudden, the clouds parted and the Sun appeared. The suns rays beamed down and lightened up the battle field. Alex recognized the move as Sunny Day, a move which intensifies the sun and attracts its rays towards the area around the user. It is an effective move and many Grass Pokemon rely on the Sun to do well in a battle. Flygon opened up its mouth and produced a fiery breath down towards the Maractus. As soon as the flames left the Ground Pokemonís mouth, it suddenly intensified and as a result became a lot more powerful. The suns rays enhanced the power of the attack, and so making all the more dangerous. Flygon started to flap his wings, simultaneously with the fire. The newly generated wind carried the fire closer to Maractus. The cactus Pokemon tried to hide behind its substitute, however it caught fire instantly. The blazing fire swept Maractus back, slamming into a large oak tree. The fire scorched the ground where the substitute and Maractus were originally standing. Maractus started to glow in a bright white colour, illuminating the area around it.

After several seconds of glowing, Maractus fired a large white beam from its hands, blazing its way towards Flygon. This wasnít good news. If Alexís observation was correct, that move was Solarbeam. Generally it was a two-turn move, having to generate enough energy before. However if a Pokemon used Solarbeam in the sun, it used the sunís energy straight away and can be fired with out the gap. The white beam collided into Flygon, sending the Dragon Pokemon crashing into the scorched ground.

This battle was only just starting.

Trainer Statistics:
Name: Subayai
Location: The Botanic Gardens

Battle Stats

34% / Moves Used: Sunny Day Ė Solar Beam


47% / Moves Used: Flamethrower/SonicBoom

MCR: 7500 / 15000

Encounters Left: 14
Area Effects:
Pokemon Encountered: Buneary (M, Quirky)
Current Encounter: Maractus (?, ???)
Pokemon Captured: Buneary (M, Quirky)

Total Items: Five Parkballs|Two Superballs|Three Max Potions|Three Full Heals|Two Full Restores|One Spicy Splendor Scent Spray|One Dreamily Dry Scent Spray|One Sweet Sensation Scent Spray|One Bitter Berry Scent Spray|One Sour Starfruit Scent Spray|One Mystery Mist Scent Spray|Five Cheri Berries|Seven Pecha Berries|Four Rawst Berries|Two Chesto Berries|Two Lum Berries|One Sitrus Berry
MCR: 3901/15,000

Pokemon Stats

Sakyuu the Flygon (F) - 78%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Toxic|Giga Drain|Solar Beam|Flamethrower|Aerial Ace|Facade|Stone Edge|Sleep Talk|U-Turn|Substitute
<Currently Out of Ball>

Camerupt (M) - 100%
Ability: Solid Rock
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: [none]

Gengar (M) - 100%
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Substitute|Thunderbolt|Psychic|Rain Dance|Taunt|Giga Drain|Ice Punch|Fire Punch|Focus Punch|Sludge Bomb|Swagger|Psych Up|Protect|Sunny Day|Thunder|Snatch|Counter|Explosion|Snore|Sleep Talk|Rest|Focus Blast|Energy Ball|Will-O-Wisp|Shadow Claw|Poison Jab|Perish Song|Haze|Icy Wind

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