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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
I apologize Phantom, if I have come off as holier than thou. It was not my intention and if that is what has been perceived, then I apologize for not communicating in a clearer fashion.

And Voices, I apologize to you. I was not saying that you specifically were attacking the faith. I should not have been so vague. I feel you are simply enjoying the debate as it were, in your usual analytical mindset. I do not wish for you to misjudge my words.

I simply wish to see this debate remain courteous.
'Tis alright. We cool.

Originally Posted by Phantom0990 View Post
^ Then why all the fluffed words? Just come in and say to keep it chill? This isn't real life. It's the internet. You don't say anything unless you mean to, otherwise there's this handy 'edit' button.

Translation, that's bull. If you wanted to say that post, that's the kind of post you PM someone. Not post publicly unless you are looking for attention.
I have to agree with you, though I would have said it in a softer way.
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