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Default Re: Individual RP: Speed-X

[/indent]As a last resort, Maractus quickly formed a clone of itself and hid behind it, attempting to shield itself from the materialized toxins that would have been sure to eat away at her prickly, cactus-like flesh.

Wow, pretty nice. 'S got quick reflexes.

Upon making contact with the substitute, the poisons sizzled as the doppleganger Maractus absorbed them, as if it was nothing.

The thing about substitutes is that, yes, they do tend to look exactly like the host monster; however, there is one simple factor that makes the difference between a clone and the original apparent: the eyes. A substitute's eyes lack the amount of life that any living being would have. Just blank and soulless.
The attacking Pokemon, however, are not completely oblivious to this difference; merely, they tend to pay no mind to it in the heat of battle. That and the host of the doppleganger tends to frequently hide somewhere in its surroundings, anyhow.

The monster poked its head out from behind the copy in an alerted--and rather innocent, in a sense--manner, in order to be able to see what she had to anticipate from Sakyuu next.

Flygon proceeded to fly up a considerable distance into the air and dove towards Maractus, reaching such a speed and amount of force to the point that a visible white glow began to form around her body. She collided with Maractus' substitute head-on, knocking it into the air a bit; upon it landing, it vanished. Just like that.

I was startled significantly by an unfamiliar voice behind me. Man, I really shouldn't have gotten so into this battle.

"Hello! Sorry to bother you, but the name is Alex Fisher. I'll be your Ranger."

I stared wide-eyed for a few seconds, but soon recovered from the sudden shock.

"Oh? That's odd. Did Elisa have to leave or something?" I was a little puzzled. I mentally face-palmed as soon as I realized how stupid of a question that was. "I mean not that I have a problem with that or anything." I certainly didn't want to sound disrespectful, either--I mean, it was cool with me. Just a little sudden. Geez, either my head was way far into the game or that was some sneaky departure.

He continued, "May I say that is a powerful Flygon; however, that's one tricky Maractus. It was smart enough to use Substitute to avoid the Toxic attack, and hid behind it when Flygon used Aerial Ace."

"Oh! Thanks." I replied somewhat casually. "Yeah, that's definitely one whimsical little Maractus. It'd make a great addition to the team." I smiled.

"Anyway," I turned back towards the battle. "I got an idea, Sakyuu. Try mixing a Flamethrower with a Sonicboom attack." I was planning on trying this out like a kind of hybrid-like attack (although this would have worked much better with a move such as gust, those types of attacks are sadly not in Flygon's learnset), having Sakyuu simultaneously use Flamethrower so that perhaps the Sonicboom attack could--somehow--be infused with the flames. I wasn't about to guarantee it to work, but if it didn't, it likely wouldn't hinder us too terribly. At least Maractus would still get hit with a Sonicboom attack...I hoped.

She looked back at me a little bit confused.

"What I need you to do is charge a Flamethrower and a Sonicboom attack at the same time; maybe the sound waves could be infused with the fire and hit Maractus for a little more damage."

It sounded rather complicated, having her perform two completely different muscle movements at the same time. I, however, had a good feeling she could pull it off; even if she couldn't, she always makes sure to try her best. That's good enough for me.

"Flyyyy!" She screeched, attempting to follow up on my recent command. She began to flap her wings back and forth; once enough momentum and speed was gained, Flygon brought up the highly flammable chemical from her stomach, and released it in a flash of a hot, burning flame. Proceeding this, she flapped her wings a good couple of times with great force, releasing the blade-like crescents of wind at the Maractus.

I was really hoping that she'd be able to somehow aim the Sonicboom at the fire burning from her maw, but if not, I wouldn't have taken a mind to it. At least she gave it her all.[/indent]
Sorry, I think I kinda BS'ed this one. Ah well, fake it til' ya make it, right? XD I had to get this done. ^^;
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