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Default Re: Latio-Reol v. narphoenix

Round One


[Hammuhyd] Gible(?)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Hone Claws~Dragon Rush/Hone Claws


HP: 100%
Reflect~Ice Beam

Deep inside the Diglett cave, two trainers decided on a battle in where else? A dark cave that no one can see in. The trainers stumble around in the darkness as they make their selections. The first chooses a Staryu, the other a Gible.

Staryu was first to move. The brown star shaped Pokemon wanted to keep itself safe from massive damage from physical attacks. It created a barrier in front of itself. The should protect it very well. (Staryu -6 energy Reflect)

Hammuhyd watched the star creature setting itself up on defense. It decided the best thing to do was build up its strength. In the dark, it began to sharpen its claws against each other, making them sharper. This caused its strength and accuracy to increase.(Hammuhyd -4 energy +1ATK ACC)

Both Pokemon wanted to be the first to hit the other one. Staryu moved first as it attempted to take aim in the dark and fired a cold beam from its red center. Hammuhyd saw the cold beam go past him in a very bad miss, as it charged in a huge rush, head on. Clearly, he could not see clearly in the dark as he crashed against the wall, missing his opponent. (Staryu -23 energy) (Hammuhyd -16 energy)


[Hammuhyd] Gible(?)
HP: 100%
Energy: 80%
+1 ATK, +1 ACC
Condition: I missed!


HP: 100%
Reflect will end after next round
Condition: I missed too!

Notes: Each Pokemon was given an Evasion point and lost an Accuracy Point for the dark as stated.
Narphoenix is next to post.
When Latio-Reol posts, please stat the gender of Hammuhyd. It wasn't needed for this round but may be needed later on.
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