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Default Re: Velocity vs narphoenix

Round One


[Chomp] Totodile(M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Mud Sport~Swords Dance/Mud Sport


HP: 100%

The collection of islands high in the sky was about to become a battlefield. Which would be the first field? No one knew as two trainers came to the first arena selected at random. Both trainers found themselves in the Icy Wasteland as both of them stood shivering and shaking from the cold. Both trainers decided to pit their beloved pets to the death! Each trainer made a selection. One had chosen Chomp, a Totodile, and the other had chosen a Staryu.

Staryu was incredibly fast. It moved about ready to make the first move. The star-shaped Pokemon wanted to make sparks fly. Tiny sparks spilled from the red center of its body as a bolt of electricity zapped the tiny Totodile before it could blink. The move was super effective. (Totodile -18HP) (Staryu -24 Energy)

The tiny blue water Pokemon didn't like electricity. It knew its opponent had a great advantage. What better thing to do that to take it away? It dug into the thin layer of ice and found the dirt beneath it. It took small hand fulls of dirt and threw it around the arena. It even threw it on itself. It was ready for more electric attacks. (Totodile -3 Energy)

Staryu began to move about, trying to prepare itself for the next attack. It was ready to evade whatever move came at it. It expected a physical move or something to be fired from the blue water Pokemon. However, Totodile wasn't quite ready for an attack. It began to sharpen its claws against each other, making them sharper than before. It also began to sharpen its teeth. That star critter is gonna get it! Totodile thought to itself. Staryu stopped and just stoood watching as it felt like this was kind of a waste. (Totodile -3 energy +2ATK)


[Chomp] Totodile(M)
HP: 82%
Energy: 94%
Condition:A little stronger.


HP: 100%
Condition: What a waste of a turn!

Arena notes: Still in Icy Wastelands with Mud Sport in effect.
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