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Default Re: Foxamivalth XX 3DThinker

Round One


Larvesta (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Will o wisp/Double Team~Will o wisp/Toxic/Double Team


[Xiao] Mienfoo(F)
HP: 100%
Stone Edge~Stone Edge

Two trainers decided to have a battle. And what better place to have a battle, than in a restroom? The smell urinals that had not been cleaned and toilets that had not been flushed made everyone gag. However, both trainers wanted to see who was best. The smell of three day old feces was nothing more than an inconvience for the battle began as the first trainer select Xiao, a Mienfoo and the other chose a Larvesta. Both Pokemon were in a pretty tight space but just enough to allow breathing room...if they decided to breath at all.

Xiao was the first to move. It looked back at its trainer as it held its nose. The smell of the restroom was rank enough as it was. It knew it had to battle so it went with its first order. It jumped up into the air a couple of feet and pounded the ground, causing pieces of the stone floor to fly into the air, crashing into the Larvesta. Larvesta didn't like getting hit by stones. The move took a major toll on it. (Larvesta -24HP) (Xiao -26 Energy)

Larvesta couldn't believe its trainer was making it battle in this place! It smelled horrid! It would have covered its nose...if it had a hand to do so. Instead it gagged at the putrid air. After being hit by those stones, it wanted to inflict some serious heat on its opponent. It opened its mouth and breathed a heavy breath on Xiao. Xiao shook its tiny arm as it became burned. It suddenly felt a little weaker as well. (Xiao Burned ) (Larvesta -3 energy)

Xiao couldn't believe it had just been burned! How dare that fire bug critter! Xiao wanted to inflict serious pain to its opponent. Just as before, Xiao pounded the ground, causing stones to fly up into the air, crashing and shattering against Larvesta's hot body. Larvesta staggered back, annoyed and tired of this heavy onslaught of stones and rocks crashing into it. Don't they realize I'm fragile? It thought. (Larvesta -20HP) (Xiao -26 Energy)

Larvesta was out for revenge. Burning its opponent was not enough and with all the stones that had crashed into the bug Pokemon, it was time to make that crazy critter know what true humiliation is. Larvesta moved towards the waiting Xiao. It leaned its body against Xiao, and shoved it back. Xiao stumbled back a few steps and tripped over its own two feet, as it fell into a toilet that had not been flushed in days. Toilet water splashed into the air along with feces. Xiao shreiked as its body was covered in toliet water and feces. Xiao felt a strange, sick feeling in its gut. It had been poisoned. Larvesta chuckled to itself. (Xiao Poisoned) (Larvesta -6 energy)

As Xiao moved away from the toilet, it shook its hand as the burn on its hand did a small amount of damage. Right after that, it held its stomach and turned around and began to vomit. The poison taking effect on it. (Xiao -4HP Burn -2 HP Posion)


Larvesta (M)
HP: 54%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Hates those stones!


[Xiao] Mienfoo(F)
HP: 94%
Condition: Don't even ask!
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