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Default Sabi's Random Sapphire Nuzlocke

So, welcome to my random Sapphire Nuzlocke challenge. I’ve decided to do more traditional Nuzlocke rules, aside from my other ones where I usually alter the rule of capturing the first thing I see en route. Okay that’s half a lie…mostly I’m doing this Sapphire run due to the fact I’m holding on my HG one to do comic pages, and the fact that everyone in my skype group is Nuzlocking. Seriously, we get on, as soon as one person starts, we’re ALL doing it. This is one basically in my spare time, since one of them is doing a Ruby run, hell it gives me a reason to play my Sapphire again. Skipping the usual tutorial stuffs, I’m going to quickly run down my rules, then get to the action.
  • Must catch first Pokémon seen on route, no second chances
  • Nicknames are Mandatory
  • No healing in battle
  • No running from wild encounters
  • Fainting means no further use, AKA death
  • If I find a shiny, I must catch it

So, I decided to start out with Treecko. Simple enough starter seeing as there aren’t many grass types I favor in Hoenn.

  • Kimoa the Treecko, lvl 5, female Naughty

Somehow gonna turn her into a mixed sweeper and have a sudden urge to teach her Attract…anyway, going on my way, grinding a bit before I get to Brendan, Kimoa manages to 2HKO his Torchic with Pound. She was level 8. Yes I was that bored and grinded to that level, only to have her at level 9 afterwards. She seemed impressed with herself though I’m worried that may go to her head. Coming back, we obtain the Pokedex, Pokeballs, and now the real adventure begins. The route outside Littleroot I don’t encounter anything, and don’t want to end up having my first Pokémon as a Zigzagoon. Wasn’t too too fond of those guys. Moving on to route 103, we encounter out first team mate, a Poochyena. Hesitant that Kimoa may kill it, I only go for a single Pound attack, that cuts down just bellow half it’s HP. Not risking it, I throw a Pokeball, and low and behold, we have team member number one.

  • Gura the Poochyena, lvl 3 male, Brave

I’m half cringing at the nature he has, being a win and a loss, but hey, it’s a Nuzlocke, I can’t complain. He’s a bit slow, but mightily goes into battle…and as I find out likes to take crits and almost die…Kimoa doesn’t seem impressed but maybe it’s because I had to stop and train him a bit and give her a break…I know she likes the attention…

Moving onto route 102, our next encounter awaits for our new team mate. I’m ready for a Wurmple, I honestly was, instead Gura managed to sniff out a Lotad. Another grass type, meh, but it’s part water, which means good stuff for the gym ahead…until I realize it doesn’t get water moves until much later on…regardless, I must capture her! Gura does a fair bit, only after getting beaten a bit himself, again, more crits. I swear he’s trying to prove something other than the fact he’s looking like some medieval guard dog. Pokeball go!

  • Lila the Lotad, lvl 3, female, Mild

Being another female grass type I’m sure that Kimoa didn’t like her at first. Though the nature wasn’t bad, another win lose, she had to have Swift Swim rather than Rain Dish. I am sad face. Well, it was mass grinding time, as I run into that Wurmple after a few more Lotad, Lila proving she’s got some punch, while Gura beat the crap out of things that beat the crap out of him with some close calls that made me run back to the Pokémon Centre every single time he went under half his health. Honestly, if he wasn’t at full health at the start of a battle, he would have been dead by now. After some lily pad poundings and bug busting, I’m about ready to move on and head to Petalburg when I run into something I would of really liked.

A Ralts.

Seriously, you show up AFTER ALL THIS GRINDING…REALLY…the thing was trolling me, I swear, so I had to get rid of it, despite my want to capture it. IT HAD TRACE DAMMIT, TRAC—I am calm, I am in control…

So we move on to the trainers, and I let Gura have the first go at it, hoping he doesn’t take any crits. Luckily, he doesn’t, but he gets hit like a truck. Really Gura, this is a Nuzlocke, you’re supposed to do the thing called SURVIVING…maybe it’s just a male dominance thing considering I have two females on my team…at least he learned Howl to his use, of which he made use of to make quick work of the other trainers on the way to Petalburg.

It’s simple and quick, Pokémon Centre, then gym to visit Dad, new Gym Leader of Petalburg. Honestly why did we move to Littleroot when Petalburg would have been so much easier…why be in a gym two towns away…it doesn’t make logic sense to me…sure Blue grew up in Kanto as a kid but he’s not a kid, earned the Gym…


Moving on, the sickly kid known as Wally shows up asks surrogate in-game Dad for a Pokémon before he moves. Sure enough I’m stuck with the errand of going with him to catch a Pokémon. Wandering back into the familiar grass, we come upon his Pokémon.

Ralts…my arch nemesis…

We meet AGAIN…

As Wally goes to battle this demonspaw—Pokémon, I watch, noticing that Zigzagoon uses Tackle, only knocking it down to about three fourths it’s HP. It goes for a second Tackle, and misses. Ralts Growls… KNOW ITS TAUNTING ME-Control…control. Assuming Wally is going to go for a third tackle, I’m surprised he withdraws and then throws a Pokeball, and of course, captures it. Now as we walk back, I’m wondering…how does he train that thing? It only knows Growl. Does he have a TM hidden somewhere or something? It won’t be able to Struggle because everything is bound to kill it beforehand. In my ponderings we head out towards Petalburg Woods, as I hope to run into a Wurmple or Shroomish, not setting my sights too high in terms of Pokémon findings. Just before we head into the grass, my mind on grinding, we run into a Zigzagoon of which Gura kills before I realize that was the first thing on this route and we could of captured it…

Whoops…at least Gura is improving…? Well, as we move into the woods, we battle the guy with all the Wurmple, who, I think is rather foolish shouting his team of Pokémon out before the battle even starts…reminds me of something I’ve seen before…well after that bug fest, having to run back to the Pokémon Center due to multiple poisoning accounts, I enter the grass, again, hoping for something common for my first catch. Encounter a battle, and what do we find? A Slakoth—

Wait…the first thing I run into is a Slakoth…?

…wait how rare are these things.

*investigates to find it’s rare at 5%*

GOOD GOD ARCEUS… attack it once and make the capture. Welcome to the team!

  • Volla the Slakoth, female, Jolly

Waitwaitwait…I found a jolly female Slakoth in-game in a Nuzlocke run…

…hello in-game staple. This totally made up for the Ralts earlier.

We wander through, grinding a bit more, making our way through when we run into the Devon Worker who apparently needs to share his fondness of Shroomish with random people…that isn’t weird at all…soon his weirdness is put to a stop by a pirate in…wait no that’s…no, definitely a pirate. We encounter the stand alone pirate, carrying a Poochyena with him, so naturally, Gura feels the need to protect my, so far, feminist team. Really I think these girls can handle their—GURA….STOP. TAKING. CRITS…HONESTLY. ITS. NOT. COOL. Lila save his tail please. Thank you. As my kick ass lilypad sends the pirate packing, he mentions that his gang was after something in the next city as well. You know because, if you’re a SMART and COOL criminal group you tell RANDOM PEOPLE and the company employee you’re robbing rom that you’re after something in their city. Yeah because common people won’t catch on at all…which sadly has some truth in it under the oozing sarcasm making a puddle on the floor.

We enter the route just before Rustboro, claiming the Bullet Seed TM from the guy randomly spitting watermelon seeds at my dog…I try getting to Rustboro without having to battle, wanting to get to the Pokémon Centre before having to do so, when I forget about the long range sensing girl just before the bridge. Kimoa shows her up and kicks ass and takes names. We hussle our way to the Pokémon Center, heal, then head back around the Flower shop on Route 104, and run into another Zigzagoon. I’m not entirely thrilled, but Pick Up is going to be useful, even if I don’t train the thing. Gura akes a swing and then has Lila take over because he can’t stay in to save his life…

  • Zigzi the Zigzagoon, lvl 4, female Quiet

Not the greatest Nature of them all…

Knowing the gym is ahead, I go into the area above Rustboro, Route 116 for grinding, and to try my luck and finding a Nincada. What do I get? A Taillow. Eh, it’s not bad, type diversity I suppose. I let Gura take a go at it, seeing as Kimoa and Lila are at a type disadvantage and Volla is a bit slow. The bird doesn’t brutally attack Gura as we capture it.

  • Tavia the Taillow, lvl 6, female, Mild

Blah…nature makes me cringe and sad face…I decide to box her, knowing that I probably won’t get around grinding her. Honestly though, females across the board besides Gura. I’m starting to see a pattern here, and perhaps the game is trying to show him that his attempts at protecting the ‘damsel in distress’ only distresses me…after grinding to about eleven and twelve, I decide that it’s about time to take on Roxanne. First, to deal with her posse.

Lila absorbs the hell out of them while Kimoa finishes off the last guy’s Geodude with the help of Volla’s Yawn abuse. Okay now it’s the real deal. Roxanne, it’s time for you to go down.

The battle consists of Volla using Yawn, and switching out into Kimoa for the Geodude, who proceeds to use Harden on his first attack, and then Rock Throw, which does nothing to Kimoa, who I know thinks of herself as a bad ass. One Absorb, one KO. Easy, simple, done, now, it’s the Nosepass. I switch back to Volla, expecting a Thunder Wave as I used Yawn. Instead I get a Harden, and as I switch, I expect to have Kimoa hit with another Thunder Wave. Nope, another Harden attack. As the bugger falls asleep, I have Kimoa use absorb, not doing as much damage, but enough that I don’t have to worry. Then of course, the damn compass thing had to WAKE UP…seriously, one turn for sleep, cheap ass move. Still, I keep going for Absorb while the compass duck goes for Rock Tomb. I see the speed lower, and see the damage caused, which was a bit more than I liked. This, then, gave Nosepass speed advantage. After a second Rock Tomb, the health Kimoa had, I knew one more and she’d be done. Even with the Absorb damage, it only brought her health back up a few points. I knew the HP wasn’t low enough to trigger item use, so I only hoped there was none of this critting business. I go for another Absorb, hoping that Rock Tomb wasn’t going to mess anything up. However, Kimoa had another idea, and decided to have the Tomb of Rock miss, and get in an Absorb that finished the stone bird wannabe off.

Honestly I knew Kimoa was earning a habit of hitting on people but damn she knows when to hit HARD.

As we leave the gym, Kimoa impressed with herself, we see the old bad criminal pirate run off, with the creepy Shroomish lover behind him, talking about not taking his goods.

Yeah…that’s perfectly sane sounding when it’s in that kind of context.

We ran back to the Pokémon Centre, healed, and resumed to forcibly help this guy who seemingly couldn’t help himself, and to get these goods back. We move along the routes, as I curse the Nincada for not showing up before, battling trainers, and then getting to the cave itself, where the old guy rants at me about his Peecko. Really is everyone this random in the game? I never realized how many crazy people were in Hoenn…

Moving on, we find our bad pirate criminal holding a Wingull hostage, backing away from us. I think Kimoa was giving him a look or something I swear…as we talk to him, he complains about a useless Pokémon, which seems to be a catching trend among lack luster criminal groups. Again, it’s Poochyena vs Poochyena as Gura tries his best at the not nearly dying bit. It starts out as a Tackle Spamming war, until we have Gura take out about two thirds of his rivals health where then he starts using Howl. Gura tackles again, not doing enough to KO it as the speedier Poochyena gets in another Howl before hand. I know that if that Poochyena tackles again, that could be it for Gura…however he Howls again, and Gura gets a Tackle for the win.

We save the Wingull of which the old man has untimely entering. He takes his Wingull away and just as we leave, we run into a Whismur, of which Gura proceeds to get beaten up by despite being five levels higher than her.

  • Chatta the Whismur, lvl 6, female, Lonely

Seriously…feminist team much?

So as we attempt to go back into town to buy supplies, we get seen by the employee of Devon who I’m not surprised is fired by this point, and takes me to see his president. Thus, I find myself on an errand run because of Mr. Can’t-Help-Myself and have nothing to-

*is given PokeNav*

Okay nevermind.

So, as we are now free to get supplies, a short shopping trip here and a quick walk to Mr. Briney’s house, where he’s chasing his Wingull around a table. Really, that’s all he does…running around the table…only to stop when I talk to him…yeah…Hoenn a la Loco.

He offers to give us a ride to Dewford and considering we have nothing to swim us anywhere, we have no choice. Arriving in Dewford, I head out towards the cave, fighting the fisherman along the way only to run back to the Pokémon center both times because of hax poisoning Tentacruel. Honestly, poisoning from Poison Sting EVERY TIME IT HITS? This game knows I’m Nuzlocking, it just does. I box Chatta in the process, knowing I’ll find something good in Granite Cave.

Moving into the cave, I make sure to walk in the first area as to not run into anything. Amazingly, that actually works as we enter the darkened part of the Granite Cave. After more walking I still don’t run into anything, and just when my doubts start to come out, we have our encounter.



She proceeds to beat the crap out of most of my team until I use one of Zigzi’s picked up Ultra Balls to capture her.

  • Charoa the Aron, lvl 10, female Sassy

Okay nature isn’t the best, but it could have been worse, and she has Rock Head. Hello Double Edge abuse and…another Pokémon I can’t use in the next gym because it’s a fighting type.

*looks at team so far*

Right Kimoa and Lila are the only ones who aren’t weak against them…okay then, MASS GRINDING MONTAGE HERE.

Now…Volla I knew evolved at level 18, and was currently level 12. She was going to be a Vigoroth before we took on Brawly, and in that time, Lila had evolved already, getting kick ass Nature Pwer and almost sweeping everything with it. Giving the item to Steven, we began our mass grinding of hell. Why do I say grinding of hell?

Well you know that ability Truant? That makes things twice as slow…oh and did I mention that the experience rate for Slakoth was SLOW ALREADY? This grinding session needed serious theme music that lasted about FIVE HOURS…then, the last little bit of experience at level 17 in Granite Cave…a Makuhita showed up, and for some reason, I didn’t notice it was level 10, the level where it learned Arm Thrust, until AFTER I attacked it. It decided to Sand attack as Volla loafed, then did another scratch. Tht’s when it decided to use Focus Energy…and now I had something to worry about. However, I impulsively hit for her to do Scratch again instead of switching, and luckily for me it Tackled. Now I had a feeling I should switch, and to Kimoa, who was now a Grovye, to finish off the Makuhita. The punching punching bag then did Arm Thrust, so I knew it was a good switch-




Kimoa takes it like a boss but HONESTLY…THREE. TIMES. IN. A. ROW.

Kimoa beats it out, and then we proceed to beat the last damn thing to get this grinding session for Volla over with.

Never have I been happier to see a Pokémon evolve in MY LIFE…*shove Everstone down new Vigoroths throat*

So with that, I leave you with this first installment of my Sapphire Nuzlocke run. Next stop, Brawly.

Team Standings:
  • Kimoa the Grovyle [F] LVL 16
  • Volla the Vigoroth [F] LVL 18
  • Lila the Lombre [F] LVL 15
  • Gura the Poochyena [M] LVL 14
  • Charoa the Aron [F] LVL 11
  • Zigzi the Zigzagoon [F] LVL 4

  • Tavia the Taillow, LVL 6
  • Chatta the Whismur, LVL 6
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576