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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

Originally Posted by UltimateBrawl View Post
I'm just gonna call it.

Those jerks are trying to make Christians look bad. I'll admit, I'm no saint, but I'm not like that, and so are most other Christians.

Like has been already said here, "Do not judge or you will be judged." Call someone horrible, you're not any better.
They're not trying to, but more unintentionally doing so. They don't realize that the way they're acting gets heavily publicized by not only themselves, but every other person out there that calls themself a Christian acts acts the complete opposite. It's horrible.

Originally Posted by UltimateBrawl View Post
I sincerely doubt that kind of treatment is "fundamental" in any way. And if they did believe the Bible, they would know that Jesus Himself said, very specifically, to "love those who hate you, to bless those who curse you."
Adding on to this, true Christians should model their lives after Jesus and live on the fruits of the spirit. You can tell a real Christian from a fake by the way they act. You can't just believe what John 3:16 sums up and expect to get your ticket into heaven, but you must act the way that Jesus tells us to act (again, fruits of the spirit).


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