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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

(OOC: Except for Rotom, no other ghosts can be changed into zombies due to their transparent natures)

Lavender town zoo, (south)

Water rains down all around and Topaz shouts for the tourists to get out of the clearing! The stampeding zombies appear to be momentarily stunned by the sudden shower. As quick as they can, many of the people flee the area and get to relative safety elsewhere in the zoo! Confusion spreads as a bone chilling shriek from a Rotom sounds in the distance along with multiple splashing noises! Topaz returns to his own hiding spot but realizes that he is being followed when he hears the sound of hooves on stone! A dripping wet zombie Stantler lowers its horns and charges!

Topaz tries to run away, even though most of the undead are distracted there are still too many creatures around to risk a battle! Dashing in between shops and stalls, Topaz and Dewott manage to barely stay ahead of the Stantler and eventually lose the brain hungry beast! Somewhere on the far east side of the town, Topaz comes across a large cave exhibit. While still catching his breath from the unexpected jog, he takes a closer look at a small glass covered display that reads, "Bat habitat"
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