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Default Re: Platinum Team Building Help!

Originally Posted by Swampert Guy View Post
It's funny that you've built a female team. I suggest you to take out Scizor and Staraptor.


Staraptor is got low base stats and Scizor is in disadvantage due its 4x times weak to fire. I think that you could include the following over them:

Lucario - He's fighting and steel type. Besides the fact Lucario has a nice Attack he's also high on Special Attack and can even learn Psychic, the most devastating psychic type movie.

Any ghost - You have Infernape, Roselia and my Lucario (I think that you have), so you better have a ghost Pokemon with Shadow Ball to get protected from psychic type foes. There are many new ghost Pokemons in Diamond and Pealr, so I won't suggest specifically one, you can choose between Rotom, Froslass, Spiritomb, Mismagius... Take the one you think that will be more useful in your team.

^ what are you talking about?
scizor is one on the top battling pokemon in the has been for years. Keep scizor on the team, its natural resistances, defense and Technician make it a pretty tough pokemon. although its moveset needs work...

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