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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Velocity

I went to my bag, only to stop and turn and look at the runt engineer behind me with a turn of my head. I knew I was looking at him blankly as he made a fool of himself, putting his fists up to me. No doubt now he thought I was WAE, but his response was entirely ridiculous and proved he was a Deviant. No respectable…wait, strike that…no insane WAE member would act in such a manner in response to seeing one person. If I were still under their complete influence I would of panicked and fled the scene by now. I stood there and looked at him for awhile, or…okay it was more staring with no emotion on my face. I waited a moment before speaking, monotonely.

“I doubt you’re capable of clocking anything, especially on that bike.” I said, looking at it a moment with a tilt of my head. “I could have easily tried to harm you, and if you got on that dying machinery, you wouldn’t have lasted long, and I could have easily run you over.”

I turned back to my own bike, preparing my helmet and getting my gloves back on. I reconnected my music player to a special compartment in my helmet, knowing it would play music from the inside of it. I checked my bag again, making sure all the contents were in there and well protected just in case of an accident. I knew my driving was great, but things happened. I passed for a moment, wanting to tell Veza something, and ask her a favor. Afterwards, I turned back to the stranger, not one to be too social, but I wasn’t one to leave a Deviant in trouble.

“I’m going south. You aren’t going to last long. You can tail me until you either break down or you can get some help…whoever comes first.”

I waited patiently for an answer as I waited patiently for a phone call.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

I knew that it was starting to become more and more obvious as to who I was. I wasn’t going to deny it, but right now I wasn’t going to confirm it. Our position being given away threw me a bit off guard though, and with that, I wasn’t going to wait on anything. It was time to bounce.

“Apparently I’m not the only one who has something to explain…” I said quietly, about to curl up into a ball.

Both my wings were at my sides, ready to just move out of this space and back into the city when my thoughts were invaded.


‘Amiel, someone knows about what we’ve done, make this fast.’

‘I need you to talk with Gess. I need a tune up and someone else here may as well.’

‘I’ll see if he’s open. I’ll talk to you later.’

I shook my head, awakening from the semi meditative trance, looking back at the other Sona’s who were with us. We now at least had a place to talk, even if I was running an errand for my Deviant, it was the safe way of doing it. If she found another Deviant, great, the more people we had safe the better it was for us.

“I have a place in mind. Follow me, and fast.”

I curled up into a ball and started rolling back into town speedily. Despite the fact I couldn’t see, I knew where I was going, I could feel it. Don’t ask me how I could memorize the feel of a street, I just knew. Down one street and around a few corners, the best part of Umecit was that nothing stayed even for lone, and archways, bridges and even aqueducts passed over the streets, making aerial followers easy to lose. Even on foot, some of the places twisted and turned so bad, one wrong step and you would lose someone. Those were the kinds of alley’s I was rolling down, making sure the others were following. I stopped near an awkwardly shaped door that blended in with the rest of the terracotta coloured buildings, all seemingly mashed together in some sort of hybrid block mass. I tapped my claws on the door, leaving it to swing open on it’s own. The opening wasn’t square, but a misshapen rectangle with a wave in it. I could barely fit my way through it, but I somehow always managed. I poked my hea out, looking to see if the others were following.

“Eh eh that V?”

I turned back, seeing what looked like a hybrid of a ferret and a bear, standing behind a counter. He had bright neon zig-zag markings that I knew changed colour every so often, and at the moment they were electric blue. He had a big fang filled grin on as he had his arms crossed against the counter. The room was fairly big, with some tables and chairs about, all seemingly made out of clay.

“Yeah, it’s me. Deviant needs a tune up.”

“Figured. Where she be?”

“Last I was told, south of Seattle most likely, you know her.”

He laughed a bit. “Sure, though I has a question fer eh.”


“You ain’t usually bringing a volley with eh.” I knew who he was referring to immediately. “Needs a talkin’?”

“Yeah that’d be great Gesser.” I said, turning around. “That is unless anyone wants to talk to you through to your Deviant about autoparts or vehicles…”

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Winter and Velocity

Adrian only softened his gaze, had he been any more emotional he would have smiled at Ryza. He didn’t answer her question right away, rather looked at Nova to respond to him first, his expression turning to his typical, eerily emotionless one. He turned and looked at the floor a bit with a sideways glance when Nova mentioned experiments. If you knew Adrian enough the slight change in his eyes meant that he didn’t like something about that.

“How…terrible…” He said quietly, returning his focus to Nova and returning to his devoid face. “There is no further need for explanation.”

He then knelt back down to the floor, more to Ryza’s level and gave her a half smile of a pleasant look. “Nova may go with you. If there is anything else you need, you may ask me, and we’ll see what we can do.”

The albino stood back up when Maverick came in and began to speak to him. He looked at her unblinkingly, listening to every word she said, noting her acknowledgement of Ryza in the room as she neared the end of it. Once she was finished, Adrian looked off a bit to the side again, looking at nothing in particular other than a part of the floor.

“I see…” Was the only thing he said at first, followed by a long pause.

The mention of the Sona in particular aroused his own Sona, and when that happened, he had a head full of torrents of information and knowledge. His eyesight often started to act poorly, or more poorly than it normally did when he came in contact with him, and when it did, he looked almost void of his own soul. The machine that was almost his being worked away with this information, figuring out the best plan of action to follow this one that had failed. A few momments of standing there, unmoving and silently looking like a standing corpse, Adrian eyes came back into proper focus, and he looked back at Theresa.

“Success came in failure.” He told her. “Withdraw from Umecit, and send in some vampiric forces into Aheaelos and Inanu…gain more natural and wild forces and send in some feral ones so we can gain more forces. Send small squads of them too into Umecit every now and then. We have a new plan Miss Maverick.”

Adrian turned back to Nova and Ryza, looking at Ryza once again.

“This is Miss Theresa Maverick, Ryza. Miss Maverick, this is Ryza. She’ll be helping us.” He introduced calmly. “Would you and Nova like to come on a walk with me?”

He made sure to say her and Nova for the sake of her mentality.
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