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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

Even though I am not religious (called Athiest by many of my peers, but i think Athiest has many negative connotations), these comments make me sick to my stomach. I literally had to stop reading due to the amount of hate that was present in those tweets and Facebook posts.

From what I have seen, Religion is a huge mess. Maybe that really does make me an athiest, i don't know. It causes problems, and I still feel like prayers in schools are making people who are athiests try to believe in god (if only for a few moments).

Yes, they can think of something else, but it still bugs me sometimes that we ALWAYS have to sing spirituals about Jesus in my music class...There are plenty of songs out there that are upbeat and NOT about Jesus.

Props to this girl for holding up against all the hate.

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