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Default Re: If by "Christian love" you mean hatred & contempt...

Originally Posted by Wile E Coyote View Post

It's always the idiots who only CLAIM to act out of Christian love that get the media's attention.

It's sad, really. I'm just going stand up and say, as a Christian, I don't support what they're doing. I don't think that Christ ever once mentioned to be hostile to those who are different than us. I pray that she comes out of this allright, and that the people who are being hateful stop.

Just because you believe, doesn't make you better than everyone else. There's nowhere in the Bible that justifies that behavior.

I wish I could somehow meaningfully apologize for what they're doing. I'll leave it at this; I pray that some day the faith (collectively), can be better than this.
While I agree with and support your view, the Bible justifies any threat or act of violence.

And the reason these types of Christians make the news is because they are allowed to be the most vocal about it.
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