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Default Skyrim Glitchtopia - Discussion and Help

What are some interesting, funny, frustrating, or just downright strange glitches you've encountered while playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Discuss then here!

If someone is having trouble with a glitch, also post to see if anyone has a solution!

The most recent one for me is my "headless high elf". I was wearing the archmage's robes, along with the mask that boosts magika (blanking on the name). I went into third person just to get a look at my character and she had no face, or head! It was all invisible! It made me chuckle.

Also, the Graybeards aren't teaching me the final word of unrelenting force (DAH). I play on the Xbox and have already given them the Horn of Hrothgar. Anyone have any solutions or comments?

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