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Default Re: Budget Tournament Ultra Mall

Please check my math. This is what I got. That doesn't mean it's right.

Gastly 20k
Energy Ball 5k
Thunderbolt 5k
Psychic 5.5k
Sludge Bomb 5.5k
Substitute 7k
Focus Blast 7k
Explosion 5.5k
Taunt 3.5k
Psych Up 3.5k
BM Icy Wind 5k

Bagon 10k
Earthquake 6k
Brick Break 5k
Aerial Ace 4.5k
Stone Edge 6k
Roost 5k
Substitute 7k
Fire Blast 7k
Flamethrower 5.5k
BM Dragon Dance 5k
BM Outrage 5k
BM Draco Meteor 5k
BM Hydro Pump 5k

Torchic 8k
Speed Boost 5k
Substitute 7k
Protect 9k
Earthquake 6k
Swords Dance 3.5k
Overheat 6k
Brick Break 5k
Stone Edge 6k
Hidden Power (Ice) 4k
BM Baton Pass 5k

Staryu 20k
Grass Knot 3.5k
Ice Beam 5k
Icy Wind 5.5k
Thunderbolt 5k
Psychic 5.5k
Thunder Wave 4k
Substitute 7k

HM Surf 9k

Lum Berry x2 1k
Life Orb 3.5k
Leftovers 6k
Expert Belt 3.5k

Water Stone 2k
Link Cable - 2k

$300,000 - $295,500 = $4,500

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