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Default Re: What if they were real? [SU/DS]

hope i'm on time.

Name:: Matthew Le Saux
Age:: 20
Gender:: Male
Appearance:: (will post an image as soon as i find a scanner)

there are few words that could describe Matthew's style , being "indie" the most accurate. standing at 5'7, he tends to look taller, being a really thin person, at the point of sometimes hearing girls say things like "i envy your figure". anyway, this isn't bothersome for him, he even finds it amusing.

the contrast between his hair (chestnut, not combed) and skin (light olive, like a lightly-tanned white) somehow makes his amber eyes bright more.

when it comes to clothing, he mostly uses a navy blue t-shirt, gray denim and a black pair of good ol' chucks. when cold, he wears a blue sweater (those with a diamond pattern) and a black scarf. always carry an army-green side-bag that has the German flag on it. in it, you can find a Zune that serves as a pokedex (app costs 5 bucks on marketplace), headphones, his pokeballs, a sketchbook and a 9b FB Graphite pencil.


Matthew is a calm person, who tries to maintain that state even on stressful situations. despite being a serious person, he tends to act carelessly a lot of time, which normally leads to funny outcomes. when it comes to people, he is silent most of the time, unless he has something clever or important to say. hate people who think their opinnion is the only one.


He was born in Paris, fact that has modeled him entirely, making an artist outta him, curious for every single camp that relates to it, be it paint, music, letters and whatever feels or looks artsy.

he found his typhlosion when he was six years old, in the garden of his home (back then, it was just a cyndaquil), he immediately befriended it and created a rally strong bond. his parents refused first, but after the conviction their son showed (stayed in the garden with it for about 2 weeks), they felt it was something special.

he hated the idea of having him on a pokeball, so he kinda forced his father (a sciencist) to create a diferent kind of pokeball... one really comfy, that could open whenever the pokemon felt like it.

with the time, he started to train with him, like, jogging with him, jumping and stuff, thus making both of them stronger. he the left home when he was 18, after finishing a pokemon-oriented highschool, convinced he would find his life-path after traveling around the world.

Pokemon:: {Name, species, gender & anything extra.}

(his pokemon have no nicknames)

Typhlosion, male
Kyrlia, female
Vaporeon, female (on his tenth birthday, he received an evee)
Raichu, male (he was a raichu when he found him)

Side:: {Team Plasma, Team Rocket, or don't care}

despite not being on any team, he hates people who harm pokemon.

Other:: Matthew is really agile, and reacts fast, which prove useful back on highschool. he also has some technical knowledge because of his father. on the other hand, his body tends to get sick a lot, depending on what he eats. also, he has to be careful on how he acts, since his constitution is somewhat weak.
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