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Default URPG Budget Tournament

Idea inspired by Fawkes

Is the economy getting you down? Don't have enough money to pimp out that new Volcarona you just kidnapped from its natural habitat in the National Park? Crying because your Magikarp is one TM from being a NUKEM? Well, we've go the cure for your fiscal woes...

Credit to Maverick

Finally, you get a chance to spend someone else's money! You don't have to worry about spending because that money isn't even yours! This mysterious and rich philanthropist is allowing you to throw away his hard earned millions simply for his entertainment! By spending his money, you can buy entirely new Pokemon, not just at the Pokemart, but also from the story list without having to appeal to literary critics or that nasty kidnapping business! All you need to do in return is FIGHT THE OTHER COMPETITOR'S (Pokemon) TO THE DEATH!!! Sounds simple enough, right?

Now of course, at this point you must be thinking, "Well hey now, this sounds entirely too good to be true my good sir. What kind of madman would want to battle if they would receive nothing in return? In addition, do these Pokemon feel..." GOOD QUESTION MY GOOD MAN. We anticipated your horrible greed, so there IS a creamy nougat center for those who choose to participate in this competition! You can receive...

1st: Choice of 1 Complex rank or lower Pokemon as well as 50% of their leftover spending money.

2nd: Choice of 1 Hard rank or lower Pokemon as well as 50% of their leftover spending money.

3rd: Choice of 1 Medium rank or lower Pokemon as well as 40% of their leftover spending money.

4th: Choice of 1 Medium rank or lower Pokemon as well as 25% of their leftover spending money.

Now, it won't be just the most elite of the elite who will be tasting some kind of reward from this tournament. In addition, every participant will have a shot at taking home some of their spending money. The amount, however, will be completely dependent upon how much money they have leftover upon being knocked out of the tournament as well as which round they are knocked out during. HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO FREE MONEY!?

Before you sneaky tricksters go thinking, "Well hey, I can clear a decent profit by just spending no money and then intentionally losing >=D." You might want to consider this: At the beginning each round, the percentage of money you can take with you increases AND you are given more spending money to continue to pimp out your Pokemon or hold onto, if you so choose.

300k initial spending money
Minimum of 4 Pokemon purchased. For the final round, you will be required to have purchased 6 Pokemon total.
Upon the completion of a round of the tournament, all remaining competitors are awarded an additional 100k spending money.
When a competitor loses a battle(excluding the first round matchups) they will receive 5% of their leftover money, increasing by 5% each round. E.g. Second round = 5%, Third round = 10%, etc.
To purchase items and Pokemon, refer to the Ultra Mall.
Battle Rules:
BW Revo/DP Revo
Helds On(Can be turned off if agreed on by both battlers)
Slp/Frz/OHKO/Evasion Clauses On
No Weather
Normal Terrain


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